what to do?

I can't figure out what direction to go. I am trying to upgrade a dual HT/music system. I want to get the best sound(music)I can without losing the 5.1 HT ability.

I have planned on getting a 2-channel tube pre (Rogue 99 w/ HT bypass or Marsh p2000t) with a 2-channel SS amp and 3-channel SS amp, and using my Yamaha RXV-995 AV receiver as the HT processor.

Now I'm wondering if I should:

1. Get a very good HT pre and use my receiver's amp.
2. Sell the receiver, get a good HT pre and a decent multi-channel amp, or a 2-channel amp and a 3-channel amp.
3. use the receiver as a pre/processor and get very good amps (tube or SS).

Total budget $2500-$3000 USED.

My source will most likely a good DVD/SACD player such as the Denon 2900, but that is not part of the above budget.

Speakers are all Soliloquy.
I would use the receiver as pre/pro and use at least it's rear channel amps for surround. You could also use it's center channel amp and only buy a two channel amp of your choice if money becomes an issue. Your budget should be more than enough for a good used two channel pre-amp along with a good used two or three channel amp for the front speakers. If you like the Rogue 99 then that should work fine and give you some tube sound for two channel music.

Good suggestion Dave. The Audio Refinement Multi-3 can be had nearly new for a very reasonable price. I heard some great feedback on it even though I don't own one. Good luck.
I echo Dave, especially since the whole visual side of things are in such a state of transition. This will allow you to get differing amps for audio and for audio-with-home-theater.

Also, it allows you to wimp-out just enough to change your mind later......
So as I understand this...

The receiver will process the 5.1 channel sound and drive all speakers when watching HT. The 2-channel pre-amp and amps will be bypassed at this time.

When listening to music, the 2-channel pre and amps will drive the 2 main speakers. What if I wanted to run a sub with the 2 main speakers?

I guess it comes down to the arguement of how much better is a 2-channel pre than a multi-channel pre.

I take it nobody is suggesting that I use the Yamaha as pre for music and add some really good tube monoblocks?
I had not considered it before, but If I use a 2-channel pre for music, multi-channel SACD would not be an option would it? I would have to run that straight from receiver, right?
Here is what you would need to do: The L+R front pre-amp outs from the Yamaha will feed into the two channel pre-amps HT pass through feature. The Yamaha will be active pre for home theater and (pass through) the two channel pre.

Your new amp will be connected to your new two channel pre and will drive your front speakers at all times..the Yamaha front amps will not be in use.

All source that you want the Yamaha to control (Dvd movies/multichannel music) will connect to the Yamaha as before. All source (two channel music) that you want the Rogue to control will connect to the Rogue 99 only and the Yamaha will not even be turned on.

This may sound hard to understand at first, but is simple if you give it a little thought so don't worry..many of us do this with our systems.

Let us know if you need more help.