What To Do?

I started using a new tech earlier this year.  Nice man, seemed very knowledgeable about the vintage amp i took to him for repair.  After I got the piece back from him, another issue occurred, and I took the same amp back to him in early June for repair.  Since early July he has not taken any of my calls or responded to texts/e-mails asking for updates. I've been as firm as i can without being threatening and have offered to come retrieve the item unrepaired. But again, crickets for 4 months.

I spoke with the person who referred him to me, and he said that he's physically fine but just has a lot going on.

I live a little more than an hour away, so tracking him down in person is not a viable option. At this point, what should I do?  I'm thinking that filing a police report is my only option.  Would the police deal with something like this?



Without a competent repairman It is not a good idea to buy vintage as i did ...

One live at 30 minutes from my home ... It is why i picked two Sansui one decade ago almost... 😊



I tried something that worked for me. It was the opposite (couldn’t get a response from a customer).

Write a nice note and print it, free from animosity, grief, etc. Keep it positive. I tried to make mine light, and humorous. No hard feelings. Just want to get your amp back.

Hand deliver it to the known address and tape/attach it to the door in a waterproof packing (zip lock bag, etc). Include a self addressed, stamped envelop containg a form which would include, for example, a time you can meet up with the servicer to retrieve your amp. Leave a blank for an "other" option to be filled in by the servicer. He might be embarrassed/frustrated, doens’t want to come face-to-face with you and may prefer to get a 3rd party involved. Drop if off at a nearby diner/bar/cannabus outlet, for example?

This would represent a good faith effort to take responsibility for the situation and, hopefully, get your amp back.

It that doesnt’ work, see if their is an industrial equipment rental business close to the destination, and take out the front of his building. That should get his attention?