What to connect with my system?

Hello guys!
I have Yamaha NS-1000m, McIntosh MA2275, McIntosh MDA1000 and Technics 1210, so the main thing is that it's time to pick up some fancy cables for the whole system. Please help me.
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Good luck! Please post when you've tried.
Lloydelee21 thanks, gonna start with some Transparent Refs
Good budget! Good luck! You've got plenty there for some world class cables!
$4.5K-$6K to cable the entire system or so
$1500 for 1 used cable? You can buy pretty much any Transparent Ref cable you want (my favorite)...but you could also get Valhalla, Argento, Jorma Prime, Kondo, PAD Dominus.

Are you saying its $1500 per cable, so roughly $4.5K-$6K to cable the entire system or so? Or $1500 for all cables in the system?
Right. My budget is ~$1500 for 1 used cable for this level.
If you indicate your budget, I'm sure other members will have advice for u.
@Lloydelee21, Big thanks, will start watching this route!
Personally, i have lived with Transparent Ref cables (interconnects and speaker) for 10 years...and only upgraded within the Transparent line when a unique one-off opportunity came along. Never had desire to look elsewhere...they can be found (still expensive) on AGon. I think the older TA Refs are quite good and personally would skip over the later generation MM1 and go straight to second-hand MM2 if/when you can.