What to clean audio equipment with?

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What should one use to clean fingerprints, etc. from audio equipment with? Metal, anodized, chrome, etc.

Something like Windex? Rubbing alcohol? Something else? I don't want to remove any lettering.

Do not use Windex or any ammonia based product on anodized metal as it can cause permanent discolorations. I have had good luck with Sparkle Anti-Static Ergonomic Screen Cleaner (non-abrasive and ammonia-free) on my anodized equipment. I spray it on a lint free cloth or preferrably a micro fiber applicator pad for auto detailing and lightly wipe in areas with lettering or lightly rub in other areas without lettering. I do not spray any products directly on equipment. In between cleanings, dust with a micro cloth, which can be purchased at most stores selling auto accessories.
A few years ago I bought a CJ preamp with a silver faceplate that was stained.
I called CJ and the service tech said that they used Cinch brand liquid cleaner which is available at the grocery store. Since then I have cleaned all my metal gear regularly and had no problems at all with any side effects.
I use Pledge and a very soft fiber towel for waxing a car. A little goes a long way. Doent harm silcsceening and works geat on chrome. You only need a little otherwise you end up wiping more than you need to for picking up the excess
Hi, Have had great success useing 3in one oil on metal surfaces wiping with a soft tissue,it not only removes fingerprints but keeps them from returning. On other surfaces i've used Castle Plexo anti static plastic glass cleaner with no harm to the components. Hope this helps.
I second Autosports above for Endust for Electronics wipes, or the aerosol spray can which I have. I also use microfiber towels from Costco or Walmart to good effect.

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The alcohol/ammonia free LCD-Laptop-Computer Screen cleaners work great. I use a brand called Klear Screen (klearscreen.com) about $9.00 a bottle at any computer store.
I third the endust for electronics. I get the best results by spraying it onto a nice clean micro fibre cloth then polishing the faceplates and tops and sides . Picks up all dust and safely removes any fingerprints. The same process for high gloss laminated speaker enclosures works amazing as well. Cheers
Hi all!

Thanks for the responses! They are greatly appreciated.

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Here's the secret....well not anymore..use MonAmi dust free eraser II, or similar eraser. Eraser is white, soft and clean. Cleans and shines metal without chemicals or harsh abrasives. Just rub it on surface. Results will blow you away!
This site has a good explanation on how to clean equipment inside and out. There is also on the site a good write-up on cleaning terminals, etc.

I must note that my gear is McIntosh!--all glass.