What to buy

I am finally getting my own listening room and looking to upgrade my speakers.My room is 17'x13'x11' with french doors on one 17' wall. Somewhat of a bass junkie with a strong affection for the female voice. Looking to spend between 4-5k. Live in Houston where the selection of high end is exceptionally limited. Need some suggestions
Upgrade from what? Other equipment?
go with Lirpa Audio Designs; they are simply the absolute best
Run don't walk to Usher. They're somewhere in Texas. Tell'em Robert Hart sent you.
Present speakers are NHT VT-2s. Front end is presently Acurus A-250 amp,Acurus SL-11 preamp and Acurus cd.
Go to Audio Concepts at Greenbriar and 59. They handle Vandersteen and Magnepan among others. Sounds like you may want to try the Vandersteen 3a Signature.

Also, SoundWorld on Bissonet handles Focal JM and Paradigm. The Paradigm Sigs are just ridiculous.

Good luck.
I would replace the speakers. If you like lotsa bass try something like the Von Schweikert VR-3 or VR-4. Keep the Acurus stuff even if it just gets relegated to second system status.
The obvious question is, if Lirpa Audio Designs are the absolute best, why aren't they in your system? I don't mean to be a smartass (this time) but with that kind of recommendation I would think that you used those speakers. Hopefully you'll take my inquiry in the spirit in which it was intended.
Well despite all of the praise the Lirpa's get, IMHO they are crap! Thats probably why C123666 only recommends them but doesn't use them himself.

Dogjeter, Research the Tyler Acoustics Linbrook line. Excellent speakers - direct sales with a home trial and money back if you don't like them. I really enjoy mine!
the usher distributor is in dallas. there is an usher dealer in san antonio. the only vsa dealer is in houston.
See if you like the Maggie 1.6 @ $1600 list for speakers.You may not like them in terms of placemnent but coupled with a good budget MUSIC sub they are a great deal.Thing with subs is if you want them for HT the standards cxan be lower but for accurate pitch you need to find something that is fast.I prefer the multiple driver approach that Vanderteen 2Wq(a steal at $1200 list $750 used) or say REL (there two entry level models can deliver.Not just "boom in the room" as needed for HT.A used Velodyne HGS 12" or up would also be good.If you can hear them the Maggies are midrage champs.Other good contendders are brittish speakers like B&W or Spendor.I think the German Audio Physics are great.Spend $2K to $2.5 K on speakers.The you might like the NHT,Usher etc mentioned before.I think a Jolida hybrid amp works fine (tubes pre section with solid state output) but you may want to try all tubes (used with your buidget) or SS if you don't want to go into tube land.But nothing does midrange like tube amps.Denon and Sony also make excellent SACD/DVD (and DVDA with Denon) but look for something that does redbook CD well since that's what folks have the most of and the other formats haven't really taken off (There are new ones on the horizon such as "bluelight" digital).Look up reccomendation in the Stereophile "reccomeded components" list and use there www.stereophile.com website to look some reviews and use there ,links section to get to manufacturers we sites.Other ther than Audiogon there audioreview.com ( so so since people jutify how brilliant they are and what good taste they have.But then ther magazine guys love everything so that sucks to).Also look up stuff at Audio Asylum.PS email mne if you want further help.I sold Hifi like B&W,Krell,MCIntosh,Adcom etc for 6 years).Lsstly iof you still play vinyl Regar ius great stuff under $1K