what to address first

I have Theta Casablanca II,standard DACs,Theata Dreadnaught 5x225 amp,aerial acoustic 10T,CC5,5B rears,SW12 woofer,Nordost wiring. Should I upgrade blanca to III,add superior DAC or replace with Meridian processor. Upgrade 10 to 20T and ultimately get monoblocks or replace with Meridian 7000? I heard Dynaudio Temptations that were great. Will 20T be as good for home theatre? thanks!ken
If you haven't done so already, I'd first install dedicated circuits/lines for the amp, another for all digital, another for your analog (preamp, turntable), and yet another for your sub.

Next, I'd seek out the best dedicated line conditioners and install them. Until you do the above, you'll never know the true capabilities of your components and system.

I would then recommend auditioning the Nuforce Ref 9 Special Edition amps. Then the cables and ics.

p.s. I own the 10Ts and I'm a Nuforce and Foundation Research dealer.
Hey Ken, why are you upgrading?? Your setup is pretty great. Give us some help as to what you don't like or do you just have the bug?

You have very nice equipment as is. I would stick with the Arials, unless you want to swap out all your speakers for a different brand. You could go to a 6 or 7 channel system if you have the room for it.

In general home theater sound distribution is:

50% center channel
40% L/R channels
10% Surround

You might get more improvment/$$$ in your system by working with acoustics at this point.
I agree with the power conditioning suggestion. You can improve the audio and video with this as well.
thank you all. i neglected to say that i do indeed have individual dedicated outlets and an Exact Power conditioner. I just feel the audio of my home theatre isn't quite there yet. To be honest, I do have a little of the bug.I have been wanting the 20T's but there seem to be better speakers for home theatre.What should I do???
Place your order for the APL-modified TEAC Esoteric UX-1 universal player that APL calls the NWO-1 and sells for about $19k (you will no longer need a preamp). Imagine the performance when you merge the undeniably finest transport mechanism built with perhaps the most talented modifier. Check out aplhifi.com for more info.

Next audition a pair or set of Nuforce Ref 9 Special Edition amps which retail for only $4400 a pair.

You can also do better regarding scs and ics far better regarding line conditioning.

I think you were on the right track with the meridian gear. DSP7000's are a great choice as are the DSP5200's for smaller spaces. Either the 800 series or the fantastic G98/G68 with the room eq feature and 1080P support would work great. The surround processors in concert with the dsp loudspeakers offer a synergy and level of control that no other system can match. Theater components require software updates over the years to keep current. Meridian has a long history of supporting their products over the years. I am a Meridian Dealer and would to help in any way I can.
Hey Ken -

I've always been taught, and found the old saying to be true as well. If it ain't broke....brake it and upgrade...or something to that effect.:)

All jokes aside though, you off to a great start with the system you have. Take vitamin C for the bug. But if you insist, I don't think you can could ever go wrong with Meridian gear, period. IMHO, I think this may be you biggest bang for your buck.

Hope this helps some. Keep up posted!!