What time do you wear?

What watch, if any, graces your wrist? Does time matter? You know: time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana. Either way.
I picked up a fun watch as an impulse the other day, a Tissot Trekker with an orange face. Its pretty cool and gets most guys who are into gadgets oooohhhing when they play with it. It has 6 functions including barometric pressure, thermometer, altitude, chronograph and a really cool compass.
Got a Zenith Chronomaster...hopefully it won't turn into an addiction like audio. :)
Another Zenith Chronomaster owner, in fact I am wearing it right now. Mine has black dial & bracelet, very low profile and super accurate. This is now my favorite watch among my collection which consists of Chronoswiss Lunar, JLC Reverso, and GP Power Reserve.
yes, the Zenith Chronomaster is nice and low key, not as "over the top" as their other models, eg Defy Extreme. I think you need to look like Arnold Schwarznegger to wear that one!