What time do you wear?

What watch, if any, graces your wrist? Does time matter? You know: time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana. Either way.
I have a $3.00 watch.I have no idea what kind it is.It keeps time quite well.I have better things to spend my money on than a watch.It tells the time,thats all I need.
David, that's the same position most of my friends take about music reproduction. Can't convince them either.
Movado. Simple, elegant, and you can wear 'em with anything without looking like you're in dire need of a decent job
Dearest Khrys -- For performance, I recommend a 1957 NIST cesium atomic beam device. (+/- 1 second every 20 million years or so) although it is a bit unwieldy for my favourite alligator strap in olive. For just hanging out in a pair of jeans and slumming it at my favourite Italian restaurants in New York and London, I have loved my circa 1997 Rolex Daytona in stainless steel with a white face. (As I am sure you already know, THE signature watch for pretentious, style obsessed international Eurotrashy dandys in Milan and London.) My love affair with it may be coming to an end, however, having spotted 4!! of them on Saturday night adorning the wrists of the crack dealer, music producer, rap promoter, whatever, SUV and too many digital devices in public crowd at Mr Chow's in NYC. Probably time to switch to a vintage Daytona or the more sober and discreet Explorer in stainless with a black face. What do you think?
I don't wear a wrist watch. But MOVADO museum(spelling?) watches are so simple, elegant and sophisticated that I bought His and pair. My wife enjoys hers, mine is in the box..in a museum. Come to think of it I could almost buy PS300 power plant for the price of one!!
Seiko all-metal sports watch. Had it for ten years. Given as a work gift - boss called me in, said 'here's a blank expense report, lose the Timex'. Sometimes being cheap just sort of works out....
Glad to see that others appreciate fine watches too. The two watches that I own are a Heuer Monaco reissue chronograph, Omega Speedmaster (moon watch) and soon (hopefully) to purchase a Rolex Explorer II (white face). CWondon, I would go w/ the vintage Daytona (late 60's early 70's) which is my favorite of all time.
Swiss Army by Wenger-- all SS. I am hard on watches, and this one has stood the test of "time" :>). I also have an older SS Seiko that has been very durable, but needs some work. BTW, arc welding sparks and small slag will easily pit both crystals and SS housing and band, and my Swiss Army needs crystal replacement following construction of a 200 lb. stereo stand-- had to relate this to audio somehow. Cheers. Craig.
Seiko "5" 21 jewel auto, white face with arabic numbers, SS case and band (NOS from the 80's). Also have Mido Oceanstar 21 jewel auto, white dial, silver and black enamel markers, SS case -w- blue leather band that I have not seen for years, but it's here somewhere. Both are calendar models. I am also fond of my "Hey baby come on, won't you dance with me" talking musical "chicken" alarm clock.
I will admit to having a Rolex with a pink gold bracelet and diamonds at 3,6,9 and 12 circa 193? which only comes out of the sock drawer whilst listening to classical(eat your heart out CWLondon). For pop, rock and jazz it's the $29 Relic I bought at Kohl's, that's right, a knock-off of an already cheap watch, Fossil. I can't even wear it in my shop; a prospect for a Newport Highboy asked me if it was a Tag Heuer and I just knew he thought I was making too much. I wonder what Enid Lumley wears and how it effects those fields. How's that for an arcane audiophile reference in a timepiece thread? And what's a timepiece thread doing here, anyway, go to Home Theatre where you belong!
I think it's pretty interesting. One suspected characteristic of an audiophile is someone who collects 'beautiful things'. It's interesting to see if they are like that with other items. I have a friend who makes custom classical guitars for people. They cost $4000-6000, depending on wood. I asked him how many of his customers are buying 'beautiful things' verses an instrument. He said "75%+".
Seiko you'll have to ask my wife for the details as to which model. It seems every year I get a new one since I'm hard on watches. She doesn't want any excuses from me about my "timing".
i have just returned from ces, early unfortunately. interestingly, i had several conversations with audio friends re: the correlations between tastes for the highend and cars/watches, etc. this was recognized by mb (now, ugh, daimler benz), which brought some of their most exotic benz's to ces 'cuz of the "market niche" ces participants represent (the rep from mb, na told me this). i also spent time with some distributors of swiss and german highend gear, each of whom wore an unpretensious but nice watch, swiss of course, on their wrist. so, i guess i don't mind admitting that my "everyday watch" is a brietling crosswind (steel and gold) with pilot 2-tone bacelet.
I wear for everyday a GEVRIL Chronometer 51 jewel automatic watch.I also have a Black Sapphire Movado and A 1956 Rolex Zephyr,automatic certified chronometer totaly restored in 14k and S/S.I also collect and trade watches.Have a couple of Omegas{GREAT WATCHES}for trade and Krieger Automatic certified chronometer.Also have a few manual wind vintage watches too.I'm not crazy about quartz watches with the exception of Movados.But most of the high end audiofiles I know have nice watches to wear.Cheers
Dekay - I went to a reasonably rigourous high school, and often students would come to school extremely tired, having spent the night studying. Anyway, if someone fell asleep in calculus, the teacher had this uncanny skill for not missing a beat in her lecture, walking over to a cabinet, removing the very same clock to which you refer, placing it on the poor saps desk, and watching with a satisfied grin as the class got a good chuckle at someone's expense. I loved that clock. I wear a Raymond Weil which imho has Movado's design simplicity (and precision, and saphire crystal) without the inflated price tag.
Princess- I thought this was an audio site.
Very funny story Robba. The clicken clock used to "shock" me awake and now resides in the spare bathroom (my bathroom). Our last guest (my stepdaughter) liked it so much that she ran down the alarm/music battery in a weeks time. The clock may still be available at the "tube socks" flea markets, ours came from a yard sale.
Depends on the occassion. For everyday wear, a Breitling Chrono or an Omega Constellation (both automatic, of course). For more special occassion a gold Concord Mariner, and for VERY elegant occassion, an ultrathin, vintage gold manual wind-up Omega on a croc. strap. I'm afraid I am not a Rolex fan - too many of them "out there". Saving up for the Audemars Royal Oak and/or the Patek Calatrava.
I was a Rolex President guy for many years, and as stated above by another poster, began to see way too many of what I owned. Four years ago, I sold the Rolex, and bought an Omega Titanium Seamaster. Yes there are smaller, lighter watches, but this baby is beautiful and TOUGH. It keeps time better than I can manage my own schedule, and I enjoy the mechanical excellence it brings to a world too often filled with poorly built products. I also own a Casio, bought for $49.00, keeps PERFECT time, and I take it along to crappy locations. If it gets stolen or lost, who cares?
Thanks to all. I inherited a vintage watch from my father and got hooked. Only wondered if there were others. For the record I wear a PP 5056P. Last gift from a biased source.
A 1936 Elgin art deco type. 18k. Verified date by serial number.
khrys: wow! biased source or no, i'd be proud, too. my dream is to own one of the really rare "super complicated's." i'd settle for a classic pp, tho. platinum, of course. :~)
I like a very light watch and have three that suit my tastes. A solid gold Raymond Weill, a Raymond Weill Othello (the really thin black one - a joy to wear), and a gold Breil. I find the Rolex just too heavy, particularly visually.
Vanity, anyone?
Danvetc-Vanity? Perhaps. The truth, however, is that a lot of people who see you with one won't know the difference between a Patek and a Timex. When you get to the more subdued fine watches like a Patek Calatrava, a Breguet or a Vacheron Constantin, only a minor % of the population will know you got several thoudand dollars on your wrist. So...not so much vanity as appreciation of fine craftmanship.
Best watch I have is a fake Rolex I bought off a street vendor in NYC 15 years ago for $10. Takes a licking and keeps on ticking. I wear it everyday and not a single problem after 15 years. Not bad for a fake piece of crap. Outlasted my wifes Movado by 7 years.
IWC Da Vinci Perpetual Calender
I collect watches from the 30's to 50's, mainly preferring those with rose gold cases. Today I'm wearing an inexpensive 1934 Bulova 21 jewel, rose gold drivers watch. (I think that I'd paid somewhere around $60.00 for it). It's a fun hobby, and when you consider the regiment required to properly clean an LP, it really isn't too much trouble to wind your watch.
IWC pilot. More or less a German made watch (yes, it is "Swiss made").High quality (unlike trendy Rolex junk). Fit and finish is superb.
Bringing back an old thread, I was looking for something else and stumbled upon this one(seeing as there are many new members who may have missed this one) watches they are another one of my passions(cars, women and audio are the other ones-in no particular order). I currently wear a Cartier Pasha C w/ss strap and deployment clasp, I also have a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day/Date two tone SS and gold w/diamond face, Tag Heuer Kirium SS, Boktok w/leather strap(some wacky Russian manual wind watch) and am looking for an Ikepod, either a Seaslug or a hemipode which ever I can find for a good deal. I also need to get a JLC before I die, though am in no rush for it! I like the cartier the best out of the bunch, I really need to get a life!
I have a couple fake Rolexes I got on the mean streets of Bangkok. They are pretty decent fakes, but of course the movement gives them away. One of them fooled a clerk at Best Buy, though, and he was like, "Whoa...cool watch!". I said, "Yeah, I know. I am really rich."
Tireguy, I wear an Ikepod (gift from wife on son's birth) when I'm not wearing a cheap swatch. I love my Hemipode tho there's lots of sentimentality in that. If you find one used, a key to checking out how much it has been used/worn is sniff the wristband (I kid you not - they smell like vanilla extract (on purpose, I'm told)). Note, the brushed 'eggshell' scratches easily...
It's funny you ask as I equate my desire for the best quality audio gear with all of the finer things in life.I appreciate the beauty and simplicity of a hand crafted precision turntable or a WBT binding post.I'm no rich guy by any means,I probably own three pairs of jeans,five T shirts a couple pairs of socks,but on the wrist of the arm covered in the flannel shirt you will find a simple but elegant all stainless Rolex Oyster Perpetual with Jubile bracelet and fluted bezel.
the watch i enjoy wearing most is a large, clunky, sinn divers model. i can read the dial w/out glasses. very pratical - no WAF just like my stereo system - its sort of large and clunky too, but great sounds.
I currently have two watches. A 1978 vintge Rolex Sea Dweller and a Raymond Weil dress watch that I bought 10 years ago while the Rolex was being overhauled. I am currently lusting after a Patek Philippe Annual Calendar in rose gold. I received the Sea Dweller as a graduation gift from high school and have worn it for 21 years.
I haven't worn a watch or used an alarm clock for over 20 years. I threw my last watch (a seiko) in the Atlantic Ocean off the Outer Banks of NC. I refuse to get caught by the demands of others. Of course this means I'm self employeed (in the software industry). I just arrive early, finish before deadlines and supply solutions that just plain don't break. I advise anyone with half a change to give life without clocks a chance.
Rolex SS Submariner w/ date. My wish list includes the 'trinity' of Swiss watch makers: Patek, Vacheron and Audemars. Ken Kessler is a an audio scribe who keeps reminding us he's into high-end vintage wrist watches--you out there Ken??
A 1930's Elgin with square gold case.
Hmmm....I haven't worn a watch in years. I just look at my pager. Or my shadow on the ground(technological extremes are in).
I refuse to be held by the constraints of time. I stop doing things when I tire of them and start new things when the fancy strikes. This all to the consternation of my employer. I do however enjoy the craftsmanship involved in very fine watch making. I don't however have the money to embark on yet another addictive and expensive hobby.
Since I retired time doesn't mean as much......Put on my Movado to wear at the CES and realized I needed a new battery......I might get a new battery before the next CES.......
Re: vanity remark.
geez, had no idea that my watch made me a carrier of sin!
i just thought i was investing in an incredible timepiece
that is legacy to generations of skilled craftsmen. damn.
now i have to sell two paintings, a motorcar, several pairs of shoes, suits, sailplane and of course that temple of shame in my living room. i was brainwashed to belive it was just a killer hifi, not an expression of my weak character.
Stasis-Well that depends on what your wearing? if you have an A.Silberstein that you wear to funerals then yea you need help, but if your sporting a PP Nautilus then your cool in my book ;)
Oris Big Crown Commander. Omega Speedmaster. Swiss Army (Victorinox).
I stopped wearing a watch 30 years ago when I was a teenager. Life really is too short to have it run by a clock.
God it seems to me we audiphiles must have too much time on our hands or wrists or something. My own choice is a Rado ceramica model. What does this say about me?
I have lost every watch I have ever bought.
Watches are too uncomfortable for me: They drive me nuts so I stopped wearing one 10 years ago. It's not too inconvenient since digital and analog clocks are everywhere. On the other hand (wrist?), if someone has a suggestion for a truly comfortable watch -- one you don't even know is there -- I'd welcome the advice.
Ozfly-One of my friends has a Patek that is VERY slim, and pretty small face(male not a females watch) with a Reptile Strap, it is super lite. I forget the model number but they retail for around 15k, if your into watches it would be worth it.
ozfly: you might also try the rado ceramique. very thin. very light. not so very expensive. 'course, it's all relative. -cfb