What three shelf stand should I purchase?

Can't get crazy. WAF very low after making a painful..lol..(for her, that is) speaker purchase. 845 tubes/100lb amp. I need a stable stand. please advise. thanks in advance.
Adona is one good choice, but Core makes really nice looking stands as well.
I like the Adona...checking it out...do you have one?
WAF ?? I doubt your wife is all that.
Wood stand is a must, no glass or metal. Wife needs to choose the wood color, this gets her involved. Must also be open on all sides, no doors, air flow is also a must to keep the tubes cool. Consider using a laptop fan system, they are very inexpensive and can be run with a simple usb power plug.
Recently purchased Quadraspire and was taken back by how much better it is than my Target stand. Would have never believed how much more stable the soundstage became and how much more controlled the bass is. It was truly an epiphany.
Target stand?...April Fools is months away :)
Have a price range?

I can say, as guy that did go crazy on stands, they make a huge difference especially with tubes and digital and vinyl...
Depending on your amount you want to spend, the Sistrum racks from Star Sound are steel platforms in a triangular shape that fasten with infinite adjustability to steel 3 steel rods which have microbearings inside one sleeve of the rods. There are Audio Points that face up in a triangle pattern, also adjustable, that each component sits on. At the bottom of each road is a 2" Audio Point where it contacts the floor. The rack works on the Coloum friction principle that takes the vibrations from equipment and drains them rapidly to the ground. The result is an awesome transformation of the sound to more live, detailed, quiet and dynamic with ZERO drawbacks. I have a super Lenco (100 lbs.) perched on it and each platform can stand 300 lbs. I have a 4 platform rack and the Sistrums under my VMPS RM40s and the difference is staggering. Brian Cheney at VMPS said putting the speakers on platforms was a bad idea for the sound, but he was wrong.
Audiophile Rule no. 1:

No woman ... no cry
12-29-12: Syntax
Audiophile Rule no. 1:

No woman ... no cry

I can name that tune in 2 notes.
try Ikea first before buying much of the overpriced/over hyped audio furniture being sold for the absolute sound purpose. Ikea has some excellent sturdy units for pennies on the dollar and with the bucks saved take your wife out for a Swedish meatball dinner.
I also think that wood is the way to go. If you are handy you can DIY one out of threaded brass rod And wood slabs. Alternatively you can use butcher block or other "manufactured wood oproduct. The wood can be stained any color you like for WAF. I prefer edge grain maple bock.
Jfrech, “crazy on stands?” considering what you’re driving, you’re plain ole crazy. If I had your deep pockets I’d do the same. Not Wilson, but the like .sweet rig you got there
I have all my components on Sistrum stands. Their rack system is prohibitive. I'm sure it's amazing, but it's too much for this audiophool...
"...with the bucks saved take your wife out for a Swedish meatball dinner."

That's funny. For the price difference between Ikea offerings and some audiophile racks you could take your whole neighborhood out to a Swedish meatball dinner at Ikea.

The Ikea Lack tables, in particular, are a great value and you can make a multi-platform rack from them.
particle board is not the way to go, but thanks
kill is much to much anI am always amazed at the many audiophiles out there that hunker down with the notion that they need to address all avenues of vibration control.You would think that most have their gear set up next to old faithful. Better yet they were ready to blast off with captain video and his space rangers and they needed to place all their gear on 500lbs of concrete slabs. How much isolation does a modern universal player need to perform it's best? Don't cars have players in them? And travel at speeds that should by audiophile accounts make the darn thing completely unlistenable.
Whatever one you like, tell wifey to chill .
I’m having a custom made solid natural (color) maple (oil rubbed. My choice to keep the woody feel) rack built for me. Three 2” thick shelves with 1.5” brass cones on the legs. Very solid and heavy. 100 lbs. Very reasonable price, plus free shipping. Can’t beat that with a stick.
Can’t beat that with a stick.

Well, you can, but I wouldn't !!!!
I’m having a custom made....rack built for me.
Anyone we know making the rack (e.g., someone already in the audio marketplace), or are you using a local woodworker? What are you planning for the 2-inch shelves, MDF or something solid like maple?
Please post some pictures when finished...I always like looking at a nice rack :>)
Nice racks are, well, nice.
Hi Mitch, these shelves ain't "nice"...they are gorgeous and rock solid stable. email me and we'll talk.

tpreaves, "nice racks are, well, nice?" who writes your material? Go out and play... :)
Celtic66, what model Quad you get? I have a dealer near me.
I have several writers on my staff Warren. They are well compensated.
So they wrote your copy? Fire them! goof'n witcha, but your threads are a bit lame...
Your opinion is much appreciated Warren. Happy New Year to you and yours.
you as well!
Copulare makes custom shelving. German made
Check out Kanso Audio Furniture.
I'm already good to go. I thought I posted early since it is fete acomplais. I ordered a custom rack; 2 inch unfinished, oil rubbed maple. The look works in our crib. I should have it about a week from now, maybe less?
thanks for all your tips.