What three cd's would one keep from collection ?

Yes, if you had to keep three only, and the rest given away, what would they be ?
1. Steely Dan-Two Against Nature
2. Eagles-The Very Best Of
3. Elton John-Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

4. Jackson Browne-The Very Best Of (sneaked out)
This is a tough one.

1. Beatles - White Album
2. The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Will The Circle be Unbroken Vol. 2, this cd has such an outstanding array of talent.
3. The third would be "A Nod To Bob" which is a compilation of Bob Dylan songs performed by Red House Records artists as a tribute to Dylan's 60th birthday. Wonderful renditions of some great songs.

Note these would all be double lps if on vinyl.
Beatles-"White" (most varied collection by greatest band ever)
Beethoven-Symphony 3, 5, 7 or 9
Dead-American Beauty OR Stones-Exile
Jennifer Warnes: Famous BLue Raincoat
Joan Armatrading: Best of
Steely Dan: Aja

Sting: Dream of the Blue Turtles (Bonus Extra)
Taj Mahal:Marten Scorsese presents the Blues
Grateful Dead-American Beauty
Misa Criolla:Ariel Ramirez/Jose Carreras
Bach Cello Suites (as much as would fit on one CD) - Casals
Trinity Sessions - Cowboy Junkies
Brahms Piano Concertos
Joni Mitchell - "Blue"
Bill Evans - "Sunday At The Village Vanguard"
Rolling Stones - "Sticky Fingers"
Allman Brothers - Live at Fillmore East
Bill Evans Trio - Waltz for Debbie
Joni Mitchell - Blue

alt.: Kooper..Stills..Bloomfield - Super Session
Joni Mitchell- Court and Spark
Steely Dan- Katy Lied
Neil Young- After the Gold Rush

All sentimental favorites. Thank God we don't have to choose.
Why specify cd's which are available on vinyl with better quality? Or perhaps, stick with road Cd's for listening in the car. Joni Mitchell - great at home on vinyl, not so great digitized and with road noise. Something like Allmans Live at FM East - the cd long version with the nearly complete shows - makes sense; it isn't available on vinyl (or is it?). Or something like one of the Dead's Dick's Picks; American Beauty and Workingmans Dead are much better in analogue (Bob Weir is very clear about his preference for analogue). Or any of the ancient recordings transferred from 78 to cd with restrained noise reduction and eq (or even cylinders or player piano recordings, e.g., Busoni), with better quality than most of us are likely to get otherwise (btw, what's up with Art Dudley advocating 78's these days?). Or the 10 cd Djangology set, where accumulating an equivalent collection of vinyl Django discs is difficult, not to mention cost prohibitive.
Trinity Sessions - Cowboy Junkies
Jennifer Warnes - Famous Blue Raincoat 20th ann edition

mmm the last one is hard - a toss up between Sarah Brightman Symphony or Anne Sophie Mutter - Simply Anne Sophie ok lock in Sarah Brightman Symphony.
The Essential Leonard Cohen
OK Computer--Radiohead
Physical Graphiti--Led Zepplin

That was tough. The last five to hit the bottom of the waste can:

Bridge of Sighs--Robin Trower
There Goes Rhymin' Simon--Paul Simon
Til The Sun Turns Black--Ray LaMontagne
The Shepherd's Dog--Iron And Wine
1. Arvo Paart "Tabula Rasa" (w/Gidon Kremer)
2. Orlando Gibbons "Fantasias" (Jordi Savall)
3. John Coltrane "Live at the Half Note"
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Far East Suite -- Duke Ellington
Last of The New Wave Riders -- Utopia (Live Box Set)

That covers jazz and rock and pop as well as I can wih 2 choices.

Third coice is tougher, I'd probably add a second rock/pop choice, maybe:

Live in Boston -- Fleetwood Mac or
Hits -- Kid Creole or
Blinking Lights - Eels or
Watching The Dark -- Richard Thompson (Compilation)

You know, ten cds would be better ;-)

Steely Dan - Gaucho

Dire Straits - Communique

Jamnesia - Jamnesia
Led Zeppelin---One

Stones---Sticky Fingers

Miles Davis and John Coltrane Live in Stockholm

That's this week...
How about three from Jazz, three from Classical, three from Country ? Only if one has been collecting in the respected category for years and your collection is a majority from these categories.
1) Upload all your cds to a hard drive in lossless format
2) back that up to another hard drive, store at a safe, accessible location other than home
3) copy all lossless files into compressed format for a 160GB iPod
4) back those files up also

like you don't do this anyway (and if you don't you should, b/c a house fire or theft can make all your software disappear forever)

5) give ALL your cds away
1) Beatles 1's
2) The Duke: The Columbia Years 1927-1962
3) Sibelius Orchestral Works