what this site needs ...

One thing is a "watching" feature like eBay offers in their system on the MyPage function ... MANY times I want to go back to certain items of interest in the classifieds or auctions after the passage of several days. If I don't write them down, I can not remember them all.

Just one suggestion, I am sure there are others but all-in-all AudiogoN is a very well organized site.
There is a watching feature here -- that's what that asterisk in the upper right hand corner of the page is for.
If possible, you might want to create a folder in "Favorites" devoted to "watching items." That's the route I've gone, and it's been helpful.
I agree with octopus. After a deal that went bad recently, I think that feedback tied to a specific sale would add more credibility the sellers' and buyers' rating. I recently suggested this to them on a follow-up email I sent following a dispute.

Watching feature is also a great idea Jrinkerptdnet .

Hope that the people at AudiogoN reads this thread.
It is what it is. Audiogon is, bottom line, simple, clean, functional and well policed by it's own. It, just gets boring. Let's face it, not much has been happening for awhile. That's not the 'gon's fault, of course. I guess I'm just suffering from Audiogon enui. It's the nature of the beast, I guess. God, if I see another thread about great female jazz vocalists, or what's an inexpensive IC for cdp to amp?, or the like, I'm gonna puke. It seems that the archives are not utilized as much as it should. Nobody's, fault mind ya, just a little dull around here. Back to school in 2. I'm going to fire up my baby and groove. Have a good one guys. peace, warren