what this site needs ...

One thing is a "watching" feature like eBay offers in their system on the MyPage function ... MANY times I want to go back to certain items of interest in the classifieds or auctions after the passage of several days. If I don't write them down, I can not remember them all.

Just one suggestion, I am sure there are others but all-in-all AudiogoN is a very well organized site.
If possible, you might want to create a folder in "Favorites" devoted to "watching items." That's the route I've gone, and it's been helpful.

Feedback linked to actual transactions, like eBay. This would prevent several of the dealers here from artifically inflating their feedback.
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I agree with octopus. After a deal that went bad recently, I think that feedback tied to a specific sale would add more credibility the sellers' and buyers' rating. I recently suggested this to them on a follow-up email I sent following a dispute.

Watching feature is also a great idea Jrinkerptdnet .

Hope that the people at AudiogoN reads this thread.
The porson posting on the header page? Also yellow just doesn't work for me.
The person posting on the header page? Also yellow just doesn't work for me.
2nd the spell checker
There is a watching feature here -- that's what that asterisk in the upper right hand corner of the page is for.
It is what it is. Audiogon is, bottom line, simple, clean, functional and well policed by it's own. It, just gets boring. Let's face it, not much has been happening for awhile. That's not the 'gon's fault, of course. I guess I'm just suffering from Audiogon enui. It's the nature of the beast, I guess. God, if I see another thread about great female jazz vocalists, or what's an inexpensive IC for cdp to amp?, or the like, I'm gonna puke. It seems that the archives are not utilized as much as it should. Nobody's, fault mind ya, just a little dull around here. Back to school in 2. I'm going to fire up my baby and groove. Have a good one guys. peace, warren
I'd like to be able to sort by "component type/manufacturer/price"... something like: "ss amp/Pass Labs/$3000". Or search for a component below a price point... like "all ss amps below $3000". Also I'd like to see all closed auctions and sales for a period of 3 months so I can see what components have been selling and for how much. (I know they have Audio bluebook, but I think it should be a function of the brouser) I also second the speel checx.
Thanks Ncarv!

They don't go out of their way to tell you about the bookmarking feature. (I have been using this site for quite awhile, and never knew.)

Thanks again!
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Glad to hear about the 'favorites' / asterick function -- didn't realize that myself.

Gross assumption, but I'm guessing a lot of people use this site in completely different manners...specifically towards the forums. I know there are people that use them actively. I'll search the archives plenty for certain information, but I pretty much stick to the 'main page' for discussion.

Once a discussion thread rolls off the main page, its rare that I'll ever continue following or posting to a thread -- at that point, its off the radar. I function much differently on other sites that are primarily discussion vs. secondary, but here, if I read what's said in a day or two days, and then the discussion no longer exists to me....unless I'm searching for something specific weeks or months down the road.

I don't know if other's function this way, but forums that are more active definitely bring about more of a community, and more visits.. Whether the main forum page was a bit more extensive with currently active threads, or you could 'subscribe' to certain threads and have a certain number of the most active or newest threads always displayed on the main page, I know I'd participate more... No concrete ideas, more of how I use it, and what I don't use....

Definitely agree with the comments on feedback. One additional one with feedback -- certainly wouldn't hurt if the characters you have to enter feedback was much longer...

As for the color scheme -- I'm OK with it, but anything done with CSS or any sort of template system could easier have it so that a registered user could choose a different scheme with the click of a button.