What The Specs Don’t Tell You… And Why

I came across this video and felt in may be a good thing to share here as not everyone may understand spec's. Its long but very informative.

the talk was given at RMAF15 by:

Jonathan Novick, who is an 11 year veteran with Audio Precision, Inc, the world’s leading manufacturer of precision audio analyzers.

What The Specs Don’t Tell You… And Why


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Great presentation that destroys the myth that if two audio components measure the same, they will sound the same. It could be summarized by this statement from the presentation (paraphrased):

"Not all that matters can be measured, and not all that can be measured matters".

That maxim has been fairly obvious to those of us who have struggled for years to make purchasing decisions when it's so tough to correlate equipment specifications with the sound that is produced.

Mr. Novick holds out some hope for us confused audio consumers by assuring us that there are electronics engineers behind the scenes who are working toward establishing some new testing standards, aided by better, more affordable testing equipment, that will help narrow the gap between the objective and subjective.