What the puck is up with my Jupiter?

I've got a new Rega Jupiter, silver alloy, and I like it. But it has an annoying trait. The magnetic puck that is attached to the spindle remains on the disc when the door is opened to remove the disc. This requires fishing out the puck first, re-attaching it to the spindle and then removing the disc. I don't think the boys at Rega planned this feature. Can anyone offer some insight and a solution? I tried contacting Rega but apparently e-mail travels slower from the UK than it does from any other place on the planet...pun intended
Thanks in advance.
The USA importer/distributor is:

Be sure to send them the serial number. If you read the classifieds in Stereophile it appears that a bunch of those chasis were stolen from Rega. Rega is warning that there may be some non-Rega CD players out there (in disguise). I don't have the issue with me now, but I believe it was the February issue.
As it turns out, I found the issue and need to correct my previous statement. It was the January issue of Stereophile, page 185. It warns against "...alloy-finish Rega Planets for sale on the used market! On Ocotober 1 or 2, a pallet of Planet CD players mysteriously disappeared from the Atlanta airport shipping dock." They give a phone number of (865) 521-6464 to verify serial numbers. Sorry for the alarm in my previous post.