What the heck is this?

I was going thru by vinyl collection and found this "Denon Audio Technical test record RIAA System Test" record. Anyone out there know what this does, tests, and if I need other things to analyze the buzzes and hisses that are pressed on this record.?

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I believe that this is the Denon test record that was re-issued in the last few years (MSRP $50). Fremer alluded to this in an "Analog Corner." His comments were that most of the tests contained on the record were a bit too technical for the average vinylphile, but he did comment on the azimuth test specifically. If memory serves me, it contained a much more exacting method of adjusting azimuth than the out of phase mono signals contained on other test records (HFNRR to name one). The Denon apparently has Left and Right channel specific modulations, which allow for proper minimization and equalization of crosstalk. Not sure exactly what equipment you would need to do that - perhaps that is alluded to in the instructions? Hope this helps a bit. -John
I have a copy of the original Denon test record. Much of it needs to be used with calibrated instruments. The manual is intense. There are other records, Hi Fi News and Review for one, which are more user friendly. I got mine for a buck before Stereophile hyped it. As a matter of fact, 2 sets of records came with it. I would offer to send you a copy of the manual so that you can review it before purchasing, but it is too much work and would confuse most people. I will take a look at it when I get home and give you a more detailed report tomorrow.