What the heck is that thing?

On page 55 of the April issue of Stereophile there is an ad for Canton Vento speakers. On the floor in front of the speaker there is a large round object. Anyone know what this is?
It appears to be the top of a coffee or end table. The photo has foreshortened the perspective so it looks like it is on the floor. On the other hand, it may be the space ship that Mike Fremer flew in on.
Viridian is right, it's a small round glass topped table.
Viridian is right, it's the spaceship Michael Fremer flew in on. : )
Given its size and location, I assumed it is the seat of the chair/stool for the piano player.
Speaking of Mikey, has anybody actually heard his comedy LP? I haven't, but I did hear a short piece on a local Boston compilation album from the 70's I found at a used record store, called "30 Seconds With Michael Fremer". He impersonated a ditzy Long Island (or maybe Brookline?) princess doing her nails while gossiping on the phone to her girlfriend Rita. I considered buying it and using it to blackmail him... ;^)
I just read his comedy column in Stereophile.