What the best sound quality in the new 16 channel pre-amp processors?

I’ve been researching buying a new 15/16 Pre-amp Processor. I’m about 50/50 between music and movies, no streaming yet. My current budget is 5k. I’m not against buying used if it’s in good condition and not old. Doesn’t have to be 8k but at least 4k. I’ve always had Denon or Marantz and am looking for something different. The company new choices seem to be:




Monoprice Monolith 


reviews seem to point to either Anthem or Arcam. Both have different room correction.

im using all external amps. I’ve got  a Sunfire Cinema Signature, B & K 7250’s and a Crestron 7X200, so all 200 plus watts per channel. 

I’m currently using all Klipsch RP 8” floors and I do have six RS-7’s for overheads

I have four subs running too. 

it be nice to try them all but you can’t do that. Looked at all the reviews online and YouTube. 

Any opinions or feedback would be greatly appreciated 

Thanks Much


Hey OP,

Over a few years I tried to upgrade from Theta to a modern processor with HDMI and one thing I found really rather shocking was how bad HT processors can sound.  For a while I ended up with an Oppo BD player.

Anyway, what I did not like (by a lot) was Emotiva and Onkyo.  I've heard Arcam and liked it, and also like Anthem, which I am now using. 

What I encourage you to do is listen for yourself whatever you end up getting.

I can’t speak to 16 channels.  I am using two Anthem 5.1s in my home because I am impressed with the ARC which I compared with Yamaha and Onkyo -Dirac Live combination 

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