What the best S/PDIF coaxial digital cable?


Other than the Illuminati D-60?........

I'm using a Canare DigiFlex Gold I (RCA>BNC) and like it. Used to use a Transparent HDL (RCA>BNC), which I liked alot, though the upper frequency extension wasn't there, the warmth, and harmonic roundness was though.

What's everyone using for coaxial links??.....


Apogee Wyde Eye 75 ohm. Incredible interface for the money.
It's <50.00/meter. Lots of cables out there, but to beat this one, you have to spend a lot more.
Acoustic Zen mc=2 is a great cable for the money imo.
Have used the Omega Mikro digital cables for years.I started with the entry level cable {D-II/$625 in 95} and worked my way up the line.Good dynamics,soundstage and extremes without losing tone color.Contact me,if you would be interested in taking a test spin.Tom.
Based on my equipment (EVS Millenium DAC 2 and modded Sony transport) and taste, I preferred the $80ish Bolder digital cable to Ric's EVS cable, Cardas Lightning 15, Acoustic Zen MC2, Apogee, and Elco. It just sounded more "right" in every way to my ears. The Elco was my second favorite and I do agree that the Apogee is a great cable for $35.