What the best 89-90 db speaker I can buy for 3k?

I need a new 3kish speaker that will be used for Classical only
in a 17x 13 space driven by a fully modded Bottlehead III pre and an AVA Synergy 450 ,225 watt per side amp.

No Maggies please, something with at least a 89db efficiency,also do not care for Vandies.
Hi Schubert,

I work with Vapor Audio just so you know. Have a look at the Vapor Breeze, Stiff Breeze, Sundog, and Aurora.

All are under your price mark, and all offer fantastic value for the money. The Aurora features a large waveguide loaded ceramic dome and 8" woofer for a big, full sound that rivals many floor standers, and the other models all feature the RAAL ribbon tweeter, among the best, if not the best high frequency transducer on earth.

There is a pair of the Breeze monitor out on tour, so if you could share your location, perhaps you will be near where it is for an audition of your own.

The new Philharmonic 1 or 2 would be my choice. A friend bought some Philharmonic 2’s and they were at times totally natural in my system. This is the only time that I thought the orchestra was actually on stage in front of me. I hear the $2.7k tower version is close to the sound of the 2’s. A premium version of the tower is shown near the bottom of the page:


Thanks Rsimms, your suggestion jogged my memory, I do recall a review praising these highly.
However, looking at the website, I see these have efficiencies down in the Maggie range,after 3 decades of Maggies I want a speaker that "breathes" which to me seems about 90 db efficient from what I have heard.