What system to match Merlin TSMM's?

I recently bought a pair of Merlin TSMM's.

Im an entry level guy in the world of audio (but LOVE Jazz!).

Id like some advise on what amp/preamp and CD player would work best with these speakers.

I have a small apartment and a budget of about $2000 - and dont mind buying used equip...

I was thinking about a Linn classic but would like something a little better...

Any suggestions are much apprecited!

Used YBA Integre amp and CD player come to mind. Also depends whether your speakers are wired to optimize w/ tubes or solid state.
If for tubes, in a small room, you don't necessarily need a lot of power. 25 watts of tube power would go a long way. Think integrated as well, no use going after separates in that price range.
Or if only CD, then a CD player w/ a volume control like Theta Miles into a tube amp, wold be nice. Check out Antique Sound Labs for tube sound on a budget.
I highly highly highly recommend talking to Bobby at Merlin. Tell him about your tastes, your listening habits, etc. He's heard all sorts of equipment with his speakers and he could probably give you several tube and SS choices in your price range. With that budget you might also want to consider an integrated amp instead of seperates...you'd probably get more for your money and you could save some cash on interconnects too.
Rogue Audio Tempest integrated (preferably the Magnum version) is one that should be on your short list...