What system do you get your audio epiphany on?

My father had adcom with Polk speakers in the late 80's and I had my audiophile Ephiphany. It was the first time I discovered imaging etc. When did you first discover the virtues of a good system?
Great question!

My father's solid state ARC system with Acoustat Model IIIs in the 80s was my first audio epiphany.

Then my first tube amp about 9 years ago was my tube epiphany.

Then hearing Louis Armstrong singing St. James Infirmary (classics records 45rpm) on an amazing system at a dealer was my vinyl epiphany.
Kublakahn, I heard that same record at a dealer on a Avalon/VAC/J.A. Mitchell system and was totally stunned. Clearly one of the best reproductions of music I've ever heard.
a general electric 'wildcat'
Lou Rawls singing SJI!!Thanks for the memories K.....
KLH 9 electrostats driven by ARC tubes in the 70s.
Hi Fruff1976,

Hope you don't mind ... I beg your indulgence as I'm going to bend the rules a bit and list several audio epiphanies that really stick out in my mind.

1st epiphany was about three years ago when hearing the Focus Audio FS-688 over Naim equipment. I simply hadn't yet heard that level of clarity, imaging, tempo, etc.

2nd epiphany came when hearing the 688's big brother the FS-888 over Vitus Amps. The track played was Spanish Harlem by Rebecca Pigeon - she was in the room with us ... spooky, very spooky.

3rd epiphany was a little over a year ago when I had the opportunity to hear the Magico Model 6 with Behold amps at the dealer close to home in Hong Kong. It was the audio equivalent of "shock and awe", truly inspiring. There was a percussive track played, whose title escapes me now, and the sound stage, clarity, imaging, etc., was incredible. Drums were 6' past the outer edge of each speaker!! Listening to Nat King Cole as well was never better.

Lastly, just recently a buddy and I got a chance to hear the Magico Mini IIs over Spectral amps at the same the dealer above. He threw on Lyle Lovett’s' "Church". Well, in no time flat, we were transported from Central, Hong Kong to a good ol' fashion revival in the Deep South, USA. Never have I heard anything so enrapturing – the Buddhists in the room were converting left and right :o) !

Friend gave me some big Madisound floor standing two ways he'd made, since he'd upgraded and I'd helped him with some drywall. If I remember, the associated equipment was NAD. Another friend and I cranked the Neville's doing "Will the Circle Be Unbroken," heavily fortified with a 77 Port (maker escapes me), 3 AM, tears streaming down our faces.

Never heard speakers as good as the Madisounds before -- said "I need this."

Two guy's crying together?
Tabl10s: You know, sensitive males in touch with their feelings!