What system can adequately reproduce the sounds of a tanker being hit by torpedo ?

Not sure. For home listening I would go with Studer A820 deck, Gryphon Mephisto monoblocks and Gryphon Kodo speakers. But there might me other options. Still, an almost impossible task, I guess.
Gryphon Diablo is a toy compared to Gryphon separates let alone top of the line Mephisto monos, it can't do much. Well, I could've said by rockets or mines planted above the waterline. Mr. Submariner could tell us more. True sailors don't get offended easily. If you want to participate - please do, if you want to whine - go see your commanding officer or mommy.
Hi inna, kind of laughing at you calling out the submariner for whining, you were singing the blues to the world last week when your garden hose purist liquid cables started losing their mojo juice.
Another pointless and silly thread.
Well I have actually heard a torpedo hit a US Navy Tanker during RIMPAC 2012 sink EX. I actually loaded the said torpedo, I was on board HMCA Victoria a Canadian Submarine we shot a US Navy Mk 48 torpedo. Anyway there’s no speaker in the wold that can even come close its not what you may think don’t think movies and big booms, think fire cracker but a whole lot more. closes I can come to describe the sound is like an old wooden yard stick slapped on a table with a crack but really loud, maybe the lightning would be close too, oh a whip too (we were approx. 2200 yards from target when the torp hit close enough to feel the shock wave shortly after the crack). As a serving 21 years submariner I don’t find it offensive at all we all need some humor in our lives :-).