What system can adequately reproduce the sounds of a tanker being hit by torpedo ?

Not sure. For home listening I would go with Studer A820 deck, Gryphon Mephisto monoblocks and Gryphon Kodo speakers. But there might me other options. Still, an almost impossible task, I guess.
The loudest sound I've heard is when lightning struck a utility pole about 20 ft away from the room where I was sitting.I don't want to hear it reproduced on any systemūüėģ
The Eminent Technology TRW-17 Rotary Woofer. 
Your skull as it’s smacked by your own hand. Why the hell is this being posted here?
The key is a true bottom end , my brother  Svs ultra 16 inch x4 subwoofers, he has Tempered glass lexan windows just because of the sound pressure the room creates a literal punch in the chest 
he also has Gryphon Diablo  integrated , big Khama Reference Loudspeakers , DCS ,Digital ,Oppo205 for concerts and video.
it is in many respects better then a live show , the distortions are eliminated . 
audioman, your brother’s system sounds really awesome.