What system can adequately reproduce the sounds of a tanker being hit by torpedo ?

Not sure. For home listening I would go with Studer A820 deck, Gryphon Mephisto monoblocks and Gryphon Kodo speakers. But there might me other options. Still, an almost impossible task, I guess.
You must relish that thin ice ...
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The Incredible Mr. Limpet did it. Hey, that rhymes! 🐟
Headphones and a vibrating
My system can do this with no problem.
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I had several steam locomotives in my living room just this morning...
The loudest sound I've heard is when lightning struck a utility pole about 20 ft away from the room where I was sitting.I don't want to hear it reproduced on any system😮
The Eminent Technology TRW-17 Rotary Woofer. 
Your skull as it’s smacked by your own hand. Why the hell is this being posted here?
The key is a true bottom end , my brother  Svs ultra 16 inch x4 subwoofers, he has Tempered glass lexan windows just because of the sound pressure the room creates a literal punch in the chest 
he also has Gryphon Diablo  integrated , big Khama Reference Loudspeakers , DCS ,Digital ,Oppo205 for concerts and video.
it is in many respects better then a live show , the distortions are eliminated . 
audioman, your brother’s system sounds really awesome.
That would be a bummer, or a boooomer. I think that torpedoes these days are not supposed to hit the ship directly. As always, I may be wrong, and probably am.
As someone who served in submarines in the US Navy, I find this thread offensive on many levels.  I shall comment no more
Could someone please buy me a pair of Gryphon speakers?
Maybe Grateful Dead's wall of sound. Kendrick's big horned monsters about the size of my house.
In my smallish room my system has made me jump straight out of my chair. The scene from the first Avengers movie where they started the engines of the flying aircraft carrier comes to mind 
Klipsch K-402 horns on Super MWM bass bins bi-amped with Xilica xp3060 and a couple of Crown amps.
Gryphon Diablo is a toy compared to Gryphon separates let alone top of the line Mephisto monos, it can't do much. Well, I could've said by rockets or mines planted above the waterline. Mr. Submariner could tell us more. True sailors don't get offended easily. If you want to participate - please do, if you want to whine - go see your commanding officer or mommy.
Hi inna, kind of laughing at you calling out the submariner for whining, you were singing the blues to the world last week when your garden hose purist liquid cables started losing their mojo juice.
Another pointless and silly thread.
Well I have actually heard a torpedo hit a US Navy Tanker during RIMPAC 2012 sink EX. I actually loaded the said torpedo, I was on board HMCA Victoria a Canadian Submarine we shot a US Navy Mk 48 torpedo. Anyway there’s no speaker in the wold that can even come close its not what you may think don’t think movies and big booms, think fire cracker but a whole lot more. closes I can come to describe the sound is like an old wooden yard stick slapped on a table with a crack but really loud, maybe the lightning would be close too, oh a whip too (we were approx. 2200 yards from target when the torp hit close enough to feel the shock wave shortly after the crack). As a serving 21 years submariner I don’t find it offensive at all we all need some humor in our lives :-).
Once upon a time I used to work in a group of submariners, including sub skippers. One story they told was recording the clicking sound of a school of snapping shrimp 🦐 and overlaying that sound over voice communications when transmitting. The receive submarine also had the shrimp 🦐 overlay in the receiver so the voice message could be recovered by removing the overlay. That’s back before spread spectrum communications.

Geoff, OK. Now if you were working with or even talking with Hedy Lemarr you would have some serious interest for us, your humble readers. What a lady and story.
I’m somewhat familiar with Hedley Lamarr. Is that close enough? 
I would just love to be able to say yes, but you've pulled up a little short.  But maybe you can offer a line of "Brilliant Beans" to compliment the pebbles.  Remember where you got the idea when you hit it big.
I have never heard the Memphisto/Kodo combination. Nevertheless, I do believe it will be impressive. But I also dare to state that that set-up will stay far behind the actual impact of real explosions. (Glad they don't reproduce that kind of sound pressure). I can confirm that the Mempisto is a very, I mean VERY good amp. I have owned one of those for quite a while, will never disappoint you. 
jetter1,291 posts06-15-2019 8:35amI would just love to be able to say yes, but you've pulled up a little short. But maybe you can offer a line of "Brilliant Beans" to compliment the pebbles. Remember where you got the idea when you hit it big.

>>>>Good idea. I’ll remember I got it from my favorite bean brain. 
Another pointless and silly thread.

>>>Uh, oh, straighten up everybody! It’s the brain police 👮‍♀️
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Its the Iatola Symphony #5
Silly and pointless?  Herding cats?

     Boy, that sure brings back memories for me when I worked at a cat ranch during summers between college years.  We rode ligers (a cross between a male lion and a female tiger) with small saddles and used squirt guns.  It was a 40 acre ranch with 28,000 free roaming cats.  We had cat juggling contests during breaks. If you think cat herding sounds difficult, try juggling 3 live hissing cats with all their claws and obvious preferences not to be juggled.

     Like an idiot, however, I made the mistake of asking the owner why he didn't just keep all the cats in several large, contained and sanitary cages.  Odd, that was the last summer I herded cats and you don't really hear much about cat herding any more. Whoops.

But thanks anyways, Elizabeth, for bringing back all the fond memories of my cat herding days.


The "Media System" with mainstream drivers plays that through the West. I love the idea to honor veterans by not producing them.

The curious case of the tankers.

Link:     thesaker.is/the-curious-case-of-the-tankers/

GT Audioworks and open baffle servo subs
planar magnetic driver no crossover 
plays to 15 hz - if you use a good set headphones you can tell they do
click link

What system can adequately reproduce the sounds of a tanker being hit by torpedo?

Dunno ... but why would you want to?

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Elizabeth:"Who needs loud when you can't manage soft?"

     Well put, Elizabeth.  I like soft, I like loud and my CDs are just missing the natural, realistic, live music-like dynamic ability to accurately reproduce the sudden transitions between the two.  The CD Loudness Wars are truly a shame.


"Dunno,,, but why would you want to?"

Would make a hell of a finale to Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture.