What surround speakers to pair with Aerial LR5s

I have Aerial LR5s with a CC5 center and Paradigm subs.
I have a pair of cheap Surounds (Energy) that came from my old system. I am looking to upgrade the Surounds to a good set of Dipoles but am reluctant to spend $3400 for a matching pair of Aerial SR3s. The question? Should I spend the bucks for the matching SR3s or is there a good set of alternate surrounds that would match what I have? Triad Bronze dipoles have been suggested. What do you think.

Thanks for the help
No brainer. Be patient and locate a preowned pair of SR-3's. They range in price from $1,700 to $2,100, for which the range is fair for the hands down best surround speaker I have ever heard. Talk about bottom end in surround speakers? I have never heard bass from a surround, but these are amazing. Much better than the specs indicate, and heck, they match your fronts, which is most important than all!

owner of 2 pair, have had them 3 times in the past, nothing is better, imo.
Dan is correctamundo unless you want to match the lr 5 s all around which is what I would do, The sr3s are as dan said great. Dont settle for less . Stay in the family! Always.
I'll jump on that band wagon. I bought one pair here for $1600 and am in the market for a second pair. I don't listen to surround music, so dipole is my movie preference. I've toyed with some mono's as an experiment and the localized sound is annoying, IMHO.

Ignore the list price, buy used.
I had the same question about 6 months ago. I was considering another cheaper brand and was shamed into buying the SR-3 surrounds. I've never had any regrets. Be patient and buy the aerials. They're so real sounding that its kinda spooky.
Ok, Ok - I am just about convinced. One more question for my fellow Aerial owners. My Theater room is 15'x 28'. The sweet spot is just about 12' from the fronts. Because my room is in an "L" shape - the rears are mounted about a foot behind the front listening position on the side walls. The cheap Energy's that I have now are bipoles and it creates a huge dead spot and I cant even hear the speakers --- I think it is because my back wall is so far back that I am getting Zero Reflection.
-- I am sure that I will notice the Dipole Aerials (Due to the large driver in the front but because the high frequency drivers are aimed along the walls - I am still afraid that I will have a dead spot for the higher frequencies. ---- Am I just being worried for nothing? the reason Why I was considering the Triads was that the tweeters midrange are mounted a greater angle away from the wall (I thought this might be an advantage). You guys have the SR3s --- What do you think.

On thing to consider, which I have done and actually continue to do, is to put the SR-3 on the back wall facing forward. I am actually running 2 pair, one on sides, and one as rears, on the back wall, facing forward. The are about 3-4 feet apart, off the center of the wall in back. I ran them this way in 5.1 without problems, and just recently added a second pair for sides. GIVE THEM POWER, RUN THEM FULL RANGE.

Dan , you are da man. Can I come up for a movie??
Well folks -- The SR3s are being ordered.

Thanks for all your comments.