What subwoofer to use with Maggies?

I have a pair of Magnepan MMG's and I am looking for suggestions of subwoofers that mate well with the Maggie sound. I am open to (2) smaller subs or one large one. Suggestions and experiences welcome.

My standard advice;

Check out the Velodyne SMS-1 sub controller (room analyzer, PEq, & x-over). I use it with 2 Velo subs and (on occasion) MMGs, though more often with my Ohm 100s. The SMS allows seamless integration and smooth low end response at app $500-600 on line. At $350, a Bass Buster is also a good investment in room treatment. There are differing opinion on which sub is best (search for subwoofer and scan these threads for contributions from Bob Reynolds, Drew Eckhart, and Shadorne, all of whom are very knowledgeable.) FWIW the $600 SVS sub appears (based on specs, not auditioning)to be an unusually good value.

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Keep the woofers small,in multiples.I would suggest using a 6db/oct crossover into the MMGs.Will you be bi-amping or passive?Can the woofer assembly be placed in the same "plane" as the MMGs or possibly used as a base?
If a box can be built,the Audax Aerogel 8" drivers are being cleared out at $25 a pop.Their efficeincy is 89 and might be used in a passive arrangement.
I am usingf a REL T-2 with MMG's. I'm very happy with this combination. My room is 12x12x9. If your room is larger or if you want more base you could move up to a T-3 or "Storm". I mainly listen to classical and Jazz.
In two weeks I'll be sending my MMG's to Peter Gunn for his highly regarded modifications. This is reported to improve and extend the bass of the MMG's.
you will need a high quality sub no cheap home theater subs
I recommend REL's highre end subs, Bag end or ACI All are fast enoughfor the Maggies and very smooth to blend in
the new Rel smaller subs, mabye 2 depending on room size, or a Velodyne DD-12. I have an SVS cylinder that I love.

The JL Audios are excellent, and bit on the higher priced side.
Agree with the suggextion to keep the sub or subs SMALL! Eight inch or smaller.
I use a single B&W SW300 (I found used for $200.) and it is just right for my B&W 805S speakers.
Too big and it will never blend in.
Well, I am using a Sunfire True Sub Super Jr. (on loan
at the moment from a buddy)to great effect with a
pair of Cardersound Madisons, so I think if it can
keep up with them, it should work great for Maggies
as well.
Thanks for the suggestions to this point. I am using a Earthquake MKIV-10 with both a passive and active 10 inch sub. The subwoofer is placed in the back of the room close to the couch. The Maggies are on the front wall, or more spefifically about 36 inches from the front wall. My issue has been one of constant changing of the subwoofer level. Just when I think it is dialed in on music it lacks in base for movies, then once dialed in for music it lacks the authority for movie soundtracks. I agree with the above comment to keep the woofers smaller, I was thinking a pair of 8 inch subs but have noticed that there are not many offerings in this category. I also like the sound of the 10's as they seem to be a solid mix for both music and movies, but obviously I am not thrilled with the performance to this point.
Forgive me for asking,but do you use a 5.1 system for muovies/2 channel for music? The .1/LFE sub is meant to deliver bombastic explosions and dinosaur stomping.The "music" sub does its' job without notice.
When dealing with the "music" sub,it is usually designed to work with a particular speaker system,or it needs to be flexible enough to work with multiples.The first can be done on a moderate budget,the other is more expensive to implement.
A friend of mine is using a pair of Quad subs with the 3.6's with excellent results.

Yes, a Sunfire Theater Grand II 5.1 processor and a matching era Sunfire 5CH amplifier. About 70% of listening is 2CH stereo, the remainder is 4.1 as with the Maggies I just don't 'hear' the need for a center speaker. I just don't feel the Earthquake subwoofer blends correctly with the Mag's. For movies it rocks without question, maybe it is just not musical enough or a fast enough sub to keep up.
I suggest calling Duke at "Audiokinesis", He has developed a sub system for Maggies that are quick enough to keep up.I was very impressed when I heard them. He is very knowledgeable and a nice guy to talk to.
Several posts have recommended smaller drivers to better integrate with quick Maggies.

My own experience was that one day spent trying to integrate 8" Velodyne SPLR subs was mostly frustrating. Now, more time (or different 8" subs) may well have yielded better results, but one day never got me to a good result with small Velos.

When the SMS was inserted the next day, integration with the same subs was VASTLY improved in about 2-3 hours. I'm not claiming particular expertise here, but IME proper integration is less a function of driver size or "speed" than it is of getting smooth response near the x-over point. Room analysis and PEq makes this pretty straightforward.

Just one man's opinion.


PS - You may want to check out the subwoofer tests at Hometheatershack.com.
Has anyone had any experience with rythmic audio subwoofers. The spec sheet reads like that of a $7,500 subwoofer, servo control, killer extension and the cost is amazing when one looks at the performance of other subwoofers costing much much more. My knowledge tells me that the servo is going to address the issue of keeping up with the Maggoes and the low mass driver and overall design of the rythmic at least on paper seem to state this is one killer subwoofer that can hang with the giants.

I do agree that smaller can work but my fear is that to get low extension one is going to need multiple smaller subwoofers to get to a decent level of sound.

The other clear winning point of the rythmic subwoofers is the extreme low distortion. This has always been an issue for me when using other subwoofers, Sunfire, Velodyne and the majority of the big names in sub's all scream about the output and the massive amount of sound, but it seems to come at the cost of huge levels of distortion. Wall moving base is great but not at the cost of 10-15% distortion in the reproduced sound.
Any number of woofers can be used in a series-parrallel arrangement.Using 4 (2 squared) will appear to the amplifier as one 8 ohm,unless you are looking to lower the impedance-ie:4 ohm.