What sub for Watt/Puppy 7? - Watchdog vs. WHOW

I currently have a Watt/Puppy 5.1 and the subwoofer WHOW III with the Krell crossover. I'm interested to go to a Watt/Puppy 7.
With a W/P 7 should I still use my WHOW or should I replace it with a Watchdog?

Wilson recommends the Watchdog as best fit for the fast W/P 7, because of greater flexibility and speed.

Anybody did this comparison?
How does a topclass Velodyne perform in comparison to the Wilson subs?
Dear Uli: I heard the WHOW sub but I never heard the Watchdog. I have a lot of respect for David Wilson: their speakers are great ones.

The people of Velodyne are experts on subwoofers, it is the only product that they build for many years, they specialize on subs: their research/design/tests are first rate. Nothing come close to their accelerometer based servo control system that gives to the sub a very low harmonic distortion all around the low end frecuency ( less than 0.5% ), it has all the facilities for to blend with any speakers and the must important " a really clean,great pitch, great definition, no overhang, etc. " performance.

I'm a music lover and before I buy my two Velodyne HGS-15 , I do a deep research about and find that the HGS-15 were the sub's that better match with my music/sound priorities. I'm extremely satisfied with them.

The HGS series are out of production ( you can buy it only second hand ) and with the new DD series it is more easy not only blend with the main speakers but with the room too.

I think that the W/P 7 with the Velodyne's will be a marvelous full range system.

Regards and enjoy the music.
You, may also want to consider Thiel's new "SMART SUB", or the time proven "B&W" reference (ASW850) Both, offer the flexibility and dynamics (speed) necessary to integrate with Wilson's. Either of these are worthy of applause!
The Watchdog is a better match for your Wilson 7 speakers than the WHOW. The Watchdog is made of the same materials as the 7s: M and X material. The speed of the Watchdog will blend beautifully with your Watt/Puppy without clouding the midrange. My experience with the WHOW is that it is slower and not as good a match with the 7s. The older versions of the Watt/Puppy are not as fast in the low end as your 7s and blend better with the WHOW.

I have Wilson 7s and a Watchdog. Highly recommended.

Thanks all,
Steve, I'm glad that you base your guidance on the very comparison WHOW vs. Watchdog. I understand your point!
Raul, I've looked at your system and I'm very impressed. The fact that you are happy with your Velodyne's shows me that they will be a strong competitor to the Wilson subs.
Again thank you ALL!