What sub do "U" use ?

Just wondering what the average "gonner" uses.How many?No pissing contest OK!
Just one, for now.
Def Tech PF15 TL+.
REL Stadium III for HT and a REL 108Q for the two channel system.
Art of Sound "Tycus"
I think the best value subs are those from HSU Research --- the Audio Critic said the VTF-2 was the best sub he's ever measured. I bought one and think its excellent, but only used it for movies not music.
None. Don't need one, don't want one.
I have just Maggie IIb's and live in an apartment.
I am not interested in forcing my neighbors to listen to my bass line.... And I do not tolerate the other tenants who think it is their God-given right to annoy everyone with the thumping of their POS stereo. They get warnings, and then the Police, and then 'invited' to move out.
For those whose estate is large enough that the nearest neighbor is a quarter mile away, I say play it as loud as you want!!! Windows open and at 120db.
But remember, LOTS of jerks get shot for ignoring complaints from the folks next door who just want a little peace and quiet...
Velodyne DD-12, love the flexability and remote control.
Pair Velodyne DD-18s.
None as I just sold my sub last year. But if I was not overwhelmed with the bass coming out of my full-range speakers, I would not hesitate to purchase the right sub.

I am using a pair of Vandersteen 2Ws right now, with Fostex single driver mains. They don't have much deep bass anyways, and they integrate VERY VERY well. Sometimes I end up checking to make sure that they are actually on.
A Legacy LFE Extreme in the front, and a Velodyne HGS-10 in the back. But for two channel I use neither.
Geez Elizabeth! How many ghetto blastin' fools have you taken out?

Thats one of the reasons i bought a house. Dont have to walk on eggshells all day long cause some crazy lady next door is fixin to pop a few rounds in my chest cause i cranked my rig and the bass interfered with her maggies. ;)

basements can be great things.

I got a crap sub. To embarrased to even tell ya what it is.

Would like to get either a Velodyne DD sub (used of course, thats expencive) or maybe a Definitive Technology Supercube Reference.

Deftech makes some great subs, very musical, very powerful, and not very expencive. Definatly a great value at thier price point.

Im just kidding Elizabeth, yer not crazy.
.... are you?... ya know im just playing around right?


damn... that.... really..... hurt.... ugghhh...
REL Stadium II for HT.
Cabasse Thor II for stereo.
Velodyne F1800X for movies
None for my Audio System (a Big Rel, Wilson Watch Dog, Velodyn DD18 would be nice but I'll probably save up and Wilson Maxx's instead)
rel strata II in stereo SET system and jm lab 11" sub for home theatre system
I use a REL Stentor 111 for surround with nautilus 802's & 805's
I'm with Elizabeth.. when I had an apt I had 1 pair of spkrs, Spica TC-50's played at most moderately loud. Otherwise used my Stax Labna pros.
Now in my house, I use a Rega Vulcan with my Ensemble speakers. Very musical sub I like alot but won't get super loud.
Pair of Mirage BPS-150i through a LFX-3 crossover.
Currently using a pair of Vandersteen 2WQ subs with Magnepan MG 3.6R mains in stereo. For HT, a V2W is added in.
I just picked up an Energy eXL 8 for $50 this weekend. Won't win any pissing contests with this, but I just threw together an HT and it only sees HT duties. Sad part of this subwoofer is that it has a smaller driver (8") than the woofers in my fronts and no larger or smaller than the ones in my surround channels! But, for $50, it was well worth it.
A pair of Linn AV-5150. They are used in a 2-channel system(stereo subs). Sound is great, the crossovers are set at 40hz.
linn sizmik for multichannel only. the atc 50's are plenty for stereo.
My favorite one is Meatball-Parm...
Marakanetz, is that the Meatball Parmesan mkII or mkIII? I feel the extra cheese on the newer version helps firm up the bass overall without sacrificing the lowest octaves.

I was using a half-assed set up that served double-doody for HT and music comprised of an NHT SW3P passive fed by a Paradigm X30 and Bryston 4B. Now that I changed to floorstanders that sub set up is used for HT only. I have been considering a REL Stadium III or Stentor III somewhere down the line.
B&W AS4500 which they don't sell. 450 watt class D built in amp, lok like a piece of furniture. I use it for my home theature nosubs in my two channel system. Has a 15" woofer pported down to the floor. My kids call it feel avision because it shakes the house with distorting. If you can go a couple of grand check out B&W the sub that replaced mine has the same 15" speaker smaller cabinet and a 1000 watt class D amp. No disrespect but velodyne which is popular isn't even close. B&W will also helpp you with the wife factor as they look sharp.
Happy listening Walkelin
Linn AV 5150.....beauty and a beast!
The Classic!
Agreed, Marakanetz. The Classic has a nice, warm quality missing in the newer Parm Subs.
Definitive Technology Reference Supercube
Rel Storm III. Compact cabinet and lots of options for adjustment.
I use a B&W ASWCDM. It's very musical and powerful.
REL strata 3. I think they're overpriced new here in the US, but if you get a used one it's like having money in the bank (now that bank accounts don't pay any interest either !)
HSU Research 12V, I know there is newer and better, but this sub is tight enough for music and for movies.....hang on to your seat!