What stole your attention from HiFi?

Hey folks.

Its been a while since ive been on here. My interests have recently taken a massive swing away from the audio hobby.
This happens from time to time, but i usually end up back here.

The newest attention stealer is my car. Black 2004 Mustang GT. Been doing a lot of work on it to make it faster and meaner. Man, Cars are almost as bad and as expencive as hi-fi. Hell, if i woulda bought a boombox and dumped the cash i blew on audio gear, my stang would be pushing 600HP at the rear and smoking dodge vipers. ROFL

What has stolen your attention in the past from Hi-Hi?

Cant say "kids", that is too easy of a cop out. ;)
Hey Slapster, good to see you again!

Between spring and summer last year my '99 M3 had me turned away from audio for a bit. It went into the shop a couple times for some "goodies", and I just had too much fun throwing it around after, heheh. Plus, doin' all the research which led up to the mods meant I was in different chat forums other than the 'GoN arguing with 19 year old kids.

If you didn't spend all that cash on your home rig, you coulda taken your car over to Idaho and had Pat "Whipple" Malone [Lugnut] do the nasty with it. I'm sure you woulda liked what the evil professor would have done to her.
Hey Gunbei!

I hear you about the chat rooms. Ive been lurking around on a mustang forum recently and you can always tell how old somone is by the way they type. Kids these days have no grammer skills. And coming from me that is pretty BAD!!!!!!

Here is a little gem i got off one of the people who will be running our planet some day. This was in thier "Smack Talk Forums"

"If u thnik u can outshift tuned auto u luky adn thnk u can tak it too the trak and race me somday beyotch and that chin lip is gey and u r gey and i hoep you rek yor stang cuz yer so gey"

Now, the freakiest part about the person who posted this 18 year old actually has a drivers licence and a heavily modded supercharged 4.6l V8 that he can run a 1/4 mile in the mid 11's.... holy crap.

Maybe i got a little bit spoiled being on the 'gon. Total culture shock going from a forum that has as so many educated people vs. the boards that seem to draw all the elementary school dropouts. ROFL I'm having fun with them over there though, there are some good people on there. A lotta annoying little punks, but some good people too

Im definatly having fun with the car though, i got an X-pipe setup with sraights and cold air intake. Talk about a thunderous roar when that baby takes off! It can set off car alarms! Got plenty of plans for my baby. :) I got some custom designed "281" (4.6l displacement) fender emblems that say "Support our troops" beneath them. Its lookin pretty nice. The old 1969 BOSS 429 is a big influence on what im doing with my car.

So lugnut is quite the mad doctor huh? heh, we might have to talk. I really want to customise this mustang as much as possible but keep it true to the old school muscle cars. None of this little japanese rice bruner car influence here!
I dropped out of "hi-fi" for several years. During that time, i had 8 different muscle cars. These ranged from a 482" big block with Webers to turbo-charged mouse motors to a tiny small block with a cross ram. I now drive a 10+ year old Ford Tempo or a 17+ year old Volvo. Am i getting old or what??? : ) Sean

PS... I've got an old Corvette Stingray sitting in storage and a Harley half torn apart in my basement. Both are begging for TLC, but i'm a lazy sod. The Vette looks beautiful, but needs major motor work. I've got a complete stroker kit for it, just never got around to it. The Harley is the same i.e. needs motor work. I've got all the plans for this motor as i designed it using computer dyno simulation, just need to get busy. The torque and horsepower curves look pretty fabulous, even for an "overgrown Briggs & Stratton motor" : )
Hey Slappy, If you want to keep it true to the old school muscle cars? Why not sell your 04, & jump into a 05 body style? I was drooling over a 05 light green metallic 2005 convertable GT on a lot just the other day. I snatched a brochure, & have to admit it stole my attention from HiFi for a few minutes!

I'm proud of you for keeping V8 American iron in the forefront. (Green One, you are forgiven) My advice at this time is to stop with the horsepower, concentrate on handling and looks and stay in audio. The way gas prices are going it will be nice to enjoy staying home. I just sold my '67 Nova last week. No, I didn't have to and really didn't want to. I just can't use it anymore for health reasons. I'm not going to look back though.

Here's some advice if you must go faster. Do nitrous. While I don't personally respect it because it's too easy it is cheap and the engine you have will take the abuse pretty well. Next, don't get hung up on hooking up. You'll start breaking drive train components. Let your tires break with the pavement before a ring and pinion goes. Last, never, ever give some rice burner the priveledge of your attention. Those cars will long ago be recycled while your Stang is being restored for the upteenth time. Your in coolville. Stay there.
Lugnut, Recommending Slappy Do Nitrous? Slappster maybe you could get a few more wpc's, & higher resolution out of your audio rig if you also try Nitrous in your listening room? And just remember the ol'e saying that with Fast Cars, come Fast Women?
Started dating L.A. strippers!
Touchy one Ben!!
I meant touch my heart Ben!
Yeah, cars...

Just got a new Toyota 4WD Matrix a few weeks ago, with a Mini Cooper Convertible coming next week (my order just arrived from the UK). Was talking to the TRD guys at my Toyota dealer this week in desperate hopes of being able to come up with a trick suspension kit that will once again make me smile while I drive in the triple digits on the Turnpike or try to carve up the twisty two lane Pennsylvania roads. Now, if I could only convince Toyota to sell the 4WD with a manual transmission!

Matrix really disappoints in the fun department after having driven a couple of Audi A4s. Probably should have kept my 1998 A4 1.8 Turbo Quattro and went to town on it, minus the pimp/boy racer stuff.

The Slapster is most correct in that the auto hobby will definitely drain your bank account like the audio life.

For what it's worth, the best thing that stopped me from spending money on women was to finally marry one...
Drugs and drink . Now, where'd I put that Iron Butterfly album? Oh, there it is on the floor in the hallway. Now, where's the sleeve and jacket? :--))
Cooking and Chefs' knives. :-) Let's kick it up a notch! I hear everyone on the car hobby, but for me cars are way more expensive than audio. So that's kind of the killer for me. $10k seems to go farther in audio that it does with cars. Maybe I'm approaching it all wrong, though?


Your current infatuation is completely normal, guys dig cars. I don't have muscle car envy, technology wins every time. My "rice burner" '89 Supra Turbo is set up to take on most wanna-bes but I stopped tinkering with it after I upgraded the fuel system last year (bigger MAF, 550CC injectors, SAFC II 'puter). The car forums are pretty damned funny, and the car audio is even more amusing. Scary that these guys can drive a car and legally vote. Hmm... I'll leave it at that.
Lugnut? Nitrous-- That makes me laugh

I Have a little smallblock 360 plymouth street strip car which does 11.6'S IN THE 1/4 (3300 pounds naturally aspirated) without any of that funny stuff. Oh ya and on my deathbed I will recieve total consciousness which is nice.

PS audiobugged is that why the guys in your car club call you the crusier

with me its jump from one obsession to another but with cars its just like audio, synergy, you need a setup that works well together.
Getting back to model railroading after quite a long hiatus. Not that expensive money-wise, but a real time sink. E-bay is not much of a help since I have a tendency to forget how much the shipping charges actually are to get the stuff delivered to Canada and wind up paying about the same as finding the item locally! The relative sanity of model railroaders is a great relief from this place and AA.
Now, the freakiest part about the person who posted this 18 year old actually has a drivers licence and a heavily modded supercharged 4.6l V8 that he can run a 1/4 mile in the mid 11's....

How times have changed, I used to own a 1970 Chevelle SS454 and if a car ran in the 12's it was something, still is to me, yet today it is common place and that from "kids"; as for turning left and right, that is something you did at the end of the strip. BTW, I am not talking about 20-30 years ago, but rather 10 and 15 years ago.
Mt10425 God you must be as old as I am! The original song title was In the Garden of Eden"

Brianmgrarcom, my buddy just recently found his original Chevelle SS454 that he had sold way back after college and is now in the process of restoring it. All of the guys I hung out with in HS had one! We were cracking up when he told us that he found his original SS and bought it!

I have been back to playing some guitar since the Allman Brothers came back to NYC. I even took out my 1957 Les Paul Gold Top from storage to play it again. Man it just sounds so sweet, nothing really like it today.

Slapster, I was wondering what happened to you. Good to see that you are still up to no good! HA!

Happy Listening while you're Riding!
A baby and a mistress :)
Autio and others,

You and loving cars! Ah, the American male. Slappy's keeping it alive.

My Nova ran mid tens at 5500 feet corrected elevation. Small block, one carb, pump gas, through the mufflers on street tires. Oh yeah, a stick too. No nitrous or forced air induction. I did it the hard way. I do not respect nitrous in most applications at all. It's almost like cheating. What I was saying to Slappy is that if he MUST go faster, nitrous is way cheap compared to a great valve train/cylinder head package and all the bits to make it work right. That isn't easy.

Also, I'm openly admitted that I don't like import hotrods. It just doesn't seem natural. Call me pig headed or any other insult. It's okay, I admit it, I am. I realize that some of these front wheel drive cars can turn an eight second quarter mile and provide the crowds with all kinds of thrills while they try to keep it between the gaurdrails. I don't much like the culture either. These guys cheat, street race and play nasty games at the track. It's kind of like what rap is to music, muscle imports are to hotrodding.

Slappy wouldn't listen to my real advice so I chose to give him some that he might listen to. The real advice is to quit doing anything to the car. Pay it off, take good care of it and keep it a lifetime. Go out and upgrade your audio system and stay home more. Find a permanent woman to enhance your life, learn to cook and cultivate lasting friends for your mature social needs of the future. That's where happiness lies, IMO. YMMV

Autio says, "Oh ya and on my deathbed I will recieve total consciousness which is nice." Please send me a private email about this. I'd appreciate it.
trying to get the hell out of Misery...oh...I mean Missouri...lol...not to mention I gave my system away to a friend.

but as soon as I'm outta here...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

good to have you back Slappy...put some decent wax on that ride now ;o)
A good meal! but that doesnt last very long...

A 454SS...a 67'Nova...a Plymouth 360...some good cars mentioned here. It has been gone for many years but I do miss my 68'440 Charger RT.
The sun is starting to melt the ice. This time of year the rainbows and Spring King run off the coast has me getting the boat ready and the hi fidelity room doesn't get much weekend time. Time to get out and bend the fly rod.

Have fun with the Stang. The new ones look sharp. I love the blend of old and new.
FWIW, here is a link to pictures of Chevelles, including the one I used to own.

(It can be hit or miss to my Web site being up or down lately.)
Hey Chris - good to hear from you, especially that you are getting the most out of life! Good on'ya man! For me it's been a combination of renovating our house for the past eight months, and drastic shifts in my business that has left me trying to reinvent myself. Still, music (not the gear) always provides an escape from the pressure cooker in me wee brain pan!

Now, the freakiest part about the person who posted this 18 year old actually has a drivers licence and a heavily modded supercharged 4.6l V8 that he can run a 1/4 mile in the mid 11's....

I just saw the documentary film, "Dust to Glory" about the grueling Baja 1000 race. Great film for anyone interested in racing on any level. There was a kid who was a member of a very prominent family who manufactures off-road parts and races...I think they're names are the McMinnimens or something like that. He was 16 and was racing in the demanding Trophy Truck category with one of his families customized trucks. He was off to an awkward start to say the least, but ended up getting the hang of it and coming in 6th as I recall. He'd just gotten his drivers licence months before and it was his first race, and let me tell you, the Baja 1000 is as far from a walk in the park as you can get. I think they routinely have about 1/3-1/2 of the field not make it at all. The film was made by Dana Brown, the same guy who did the surfing film, "Step Into Liquid". Highly recommended for thrill seekers of all kinds.

I haven't seen Dust To Glory, but it's definitely on my list now.

Dana Brown and his pop Bruce have done some really neat stuff. I just watched On Any Sunday for the first time a few months ago and was completely mesmerized.

Films like Step Into Liquid, Barefoot Adventure, and Endless Summer really take you away and immerse you into the experience. What? High end Audio?

I also enjoyed Stacey Peralta's Dog Town and Z-Boys and Riding Giants. These are all films that will make you forget audio for a couple hours.
I have seen a few clips of Dust to Glory and although I am not much for movies, this looks to be a good movie.
Dean, On any Sunday is a classic for sure. I forgot that was by his pop! Dust to Glory actually puts you in the drivers seat...it's a more 'experiential' version of On any Sunday. If you liked the later (and what's not to like?), you'll love D2G. The only thing I didn't like about it was the kind of sappy narration that comes straight from On any Sudnday, but the visuals far outweigh the narration. There are underlying messages there from these crazy folks who race this brutal race, that are certainly universal. It is inspiring, to say the least. Dog Town and Z-Boys was fun. All films about taking an obsession to the limits and then stepping beyond. Great stuff even if you're not into the sports that are the subjects. There's one clip of Mario Andretti (I think he was an honorary MC of that year's race), taking the wheel of a Trophy Truck on the coarse, that is priceless. Would of had me shittin' my pants for sure if I were in the passenger seat!

An interesting thing about that Mario clip, he was a co-host on WindTunnel with Dave Dispain and a caller mentioned that clip to Mario and he had no idea he was even in it (D2G).
A 30 ft Owens day cruiser. Beautiful old mahogany wood boat. Restored it from top to bottom. Great adventure. So glad when I finally sold it! I was so tired of driving to the marina a couple of times a month in the winter to check it out, clean it up, and run the motors and electronic's, to keep it functioning, and to make sure it hadn't sunk in my absense. In the final analysis it was easier to obsess over something 50 miles closer. :-)
Slappy, it's appropriate that you would have 'support the troops' emblazoned on the bumber of your car - they're out there to ensure you continue to have access to a cheap supply of non-renewable fossil fuels to feed your car.
Lugnut, you state:
My Nova ran mid tens at 5500 feet corrected elevation. Small block, one carb, pump gas, through the mufflers on street tires. Oh yeah, a stick too. No nitrous or forced air induction. I did it the hard way.
What engine, and what did you do to it? You're talking a low 14's quarter, at best.
Musta been one helluva rear end on that Nova too.
fat parrot
dont be so sure. being a mopar man myself I cant publically support any chevy any where any time... but off the record its very possible. For example my car runs an 11.6 1/4 it is a 3300 pound essentially stock body and interior full seats glass heater and all. 360 small block cast iron mildly ported heads, hydralic lifters 520 lift cam, single plane manifold 750 holley homemade headers three inch exhaust including mufflers with street legal tires and an automatic.
If I were to put the car on a diet and shed some weight put a steep roller cam in there up the converter stall speed , throw some alumminum fully ported heads . I wouldnt want to drive it to the track anymore and I would likely have to throw more money in its direction on a regular basis- meaning broken parts- but I dont doubt I could be in the high 10's
2005 Lotus Elise

You know not what you're talking about. 406, Brodex -8's flowed by AFR, mechanical roller cam, steel crank, six inch rods, 950 holley, BG fuel system. Over 520 engine dyno horses, 459 rear wheel horse, tubbed, certified to ten flat. Internally balanced, 11.02 to one, blah, blah. Doug Nash, Mcleod clutch. I built the car myself damnit. Any amount of money you want to bet as to it's existence and performance, anytime. Photos? Got em. Me in it? Got em. Time slips? Got em. Audiogon member who's seen it? Try Vetterone. Yeah, you rubbed me the wrong way pal. And, did I mention I built it myself? Photos of that too.
Pat: I don't doubt your times or horsepower figures one bit. I say that because my old Mustang with a cross-rammed 302 ran in the high 10's. Then again, it couldn't get out of it's own way until about 5000 rpm either : )

I would only add that if you were runnng a Barry Grant based carb / fuel system, you could have probably went even faster / made more power with a David Braswell carb system. Every time we've gone from a BG carb to a Braswell carb, the power and times are inferior. Having Air Flow Research do your heads was a wise move. They are the kings when it comes to doing small block Chevy heads : )

It is amazing to me how some of these guys have "decent" parts, but can never get them to run the way that they should. As a case in point, one of my friends had a 1970 split bumper Z28 small block Camaro. It ran decently, but i always new it could run better. One weekend, i told him that we were going to get that car running like it should. Most of the difference in power came from making sure that the basics were right i.e. plugging small vacuum leaks ( less vacuum means less torque ), proper power valves in the Holley, proper jetting, proper timing / advance curve, proper valve lash ( solid cam ), proper pressure in the tires, different launching strategy, etc... The difference in before and after times was almost 2 seconds in the quarter and GOBS more torque and driveability on the street. Sean
Lugnut, Whoa, take it easy! My apologies. From your first description, it sounded like primarily a streeter, with some mods! Especially the part about "street tires". How the hell did you get it to "hook up" with street tires for an ET in the mid 10's?!!!

Sounds like you really did some work on that Nova, and I can see how my post would rub you the wrong way. Again, I apologize. I've just heard so many friggin' stories about 10 or 11 ET's from people with stocker or slightly modded muscle cars. Hey, they were fast, but not that fast!
Fatparrot, I've seen the photos. Damn scary indeed, heheh! Weren't the front wheels in the air Pat?
Maybe the subject should have been What Hot Rod stole your attention from HiFi?

Very nice cars guys...sounds like WE all had some fun at one time or another....cheers!....Pat
WOW! A lotta muscle car fans here eh?

My stang is gonna be a total project car. Im gonna pick up an old beatup honda civic as mu bad weather / commuter car. I really dont want to void the warranty though, so other than getting a new throttlebody and plentum there aint a whole lot more i can do. Maybe get a good chip tuner so i can adjust all my ratios without removing the chip and voiding the warranty. :)

I would like to get some rally stripes from lip to butt and get a fiberglass ram air hood with hood pins. :)

Ill put a couple updated photo's with the badges on my virt system,. ;)
Pardon me about exploding. I'm sorry. The thing is I just sold it last week and the reason for parting with it sucks. Guys, this was the real deal. Drove it a lot and it was very dependable. As far as hooking up goes I just recreated a Chrysler super stock rear spring leaf and custom made my own invisible traction bars. Used Rancho motorhome six way adjustable shocks for different conditions. Rear tires were Mickey Thompson ET streets 28.5 x 10.5; essentially slicks with two small grooves. I tried four whiz bang carbs on the dyno with a BG being one of them. The 950 HP series Holley tweaked by myself made as much hp but didn't have quite as smooth a torque curve. Not really much less smooth. I owned the Holley, the BG was on loan for the pulls. I couldn't justify spending a couple of grand for maybe .15 seconds with one of the exotic race carbs. Besides, I drove the car and streetability is an issue with real race carbs. If I wanted to get kicked off the track for doing under ten seconds all I had to do was drive to a sea level track in Washington or Oregon and bust into the high 9's on a nice day. I haven't checked for a very long time but at firebirdonline (local track) I should be listed in the 100 mph club when I went out on actual street tires (N50x15)and did, I think 121 or so spinning them the entire length of the quarter. Change tires, front shocks, center section and put on the front roll bar and it was legal for the Nevada road races in the 180 mph class. I think it would likely have done an honest 170 with the aerodynamics of a brick. It drove like a dialed in Camaro in street attire.
Well Lugnut, your later descriptions of your Nova sure shed a lot more light on what you went through to build your car, than did your first post. Sounds like you really loved that machine...sorry that you had to sell it!

chrysler did some amazing research in the sixties didnt they. Those early 60's factory "race cars could go in the 10's with factory leaf spring suspension and honestly some pretty crappy tires. That is why when my friend (with the nova who spent alot of time and money putting a four link in) tells me I should get rid of my superstock springs and do the same. I just smile and say maybe some day. Hey I am far from a luddite (sp) there is a place for the newer tech but not on my 64 street car that hooks up good enough to pull the wheels 6 inches off the track .
Racing sailboats once threatened my stereo but never succeeded. Since moving to Texas, I gave up sailing. I miss it.
I'm "breaking in" :-) a giant schnauzer pup. This has put my audio hobby on hold.


Pussy Galore that is, began watching all those old James Bond movies again.
Leave it to our man Albert to post the most kick ass link ever on Audiogon!

I love Pussy!

Peaceful Fountains of Desire ain't bad either.