What stands work well for tiled floors & monitors?

Hi. If you have a tiled floor and use bookshelves, please tell me what stands you have found work well in your room?

Perhaps you could also indicate what speakers you have and your experiences comparing different stands.

I use Dynaudio stands in my tiled floor sunroom.

Realize though that the only thing unique about a tile floor in ergards to stands is that the tile floor is very hard and has no give which makes getting stands to rest firmly without rocking harder perhaps than even wood floors. If there is just a small amount of instability, then try some felt furniture pads (a couple bcks at Home Depot) available from Home Depot or something similar under the feet to provide a layer that has some give between the stand's feet, spikes or whatever and the floor to add stability.
It may not be a bad idea to look at Herbies Audio Lab website..He seems to have a cure for all footers,vibes etc...Also has a great reputation......