What stands for Mag 3.6's work well?

I would like to hear any feedback on MYE, Sound Anchors or others that you may have used Thanks.
Take a look at my review here on the GON on Grant's wonderful Mye Stands. You will never really know what your 3.6's can offer you unless you put them on these stands.
Just my OPINION, but I'd not opt for a bridgework stand. I just have a mental image of the darn thing ringing like a bell and feeding back thru the MDF.

This is the route I'm going to take......which gets rid of the MDF altogether and replaces it with real wood, which is not only better looking but has improved sonics as well.

Stands can and do help. Almost no question about it. However, dumping the MDF while integrating wood stands is the way I'm heading with my 1.6s

I am NOT a shill or owner or stockholder. Just a fan.
I own Mye Stands for my 1.7's. The stands are very well made and available in several finishes. FYI, Grant owns 3.6's. His website is www.myesound.com. As Magfan points out there is a fellow who mods Maggies and replaces mdf with hardwood. I have not seen any in real life but the pictures of finished product look very nice. However, when you factor in the mod, wood and freight charges you are looking at approx 4x the cost compared to the Mye Stands. As far as comments of ringing like a bell they definitely do not. You can even fill struts with sand, shot, etc if you want. FYI, Sound Anchor stands do not have any struts in back to support the Maggie frames.
There may be a few 3.6's (hopefully with Mye's included) coming up for sale in the next 6-12 months now that the 3.7's have been announced and are getting good reviews.
"There may be a few 3.6's (hopefully with Mye's included) coming up for sale in the next 6-12 months now that the 3.7's have been announced and are getting good reviews."

Saw a black on black pair with Mye stands a day or two ago at what I thought was a very attractive price.
You'll never HEAR the ringing...but it will smear the sound.
Real wood has some amazing properties not equaled by MDF or steel, in any combination.
If I were required to build metal stands, I'd be tempted to use aluminum.
Grant's Mye stands with brass points anchor those Maggies of mine to the floor. The only ringing you'll hear out of those stands, metal or otherwise, will be your ears ringing when you play some Led Zeppelin or Rolling Stones at about 100 DBs through those bad boys.....

A hearty endorsement for a great product, and a nice couple from Canada that run Mye to boot.....

Another very happy buyer.
Any inert fill in the stands? Not lead...perhaps some kind of dry sand or even cat litter?
Rootman, which model Maggies do you use and what is the rest of your system (always interested in what reproduces good Led Zep and R. Stones)? Also, what are the dimensions (HWD) on your room? Thx, Hi_hifi
I'll answer both above questions in one reply. Not trying to hijack Ldworet's original question. Sorry friend...

Magfan-I don't have them filled, but they are anchored to very heavy carpet by the brass points which dig deep down into my carpet. They just don't move or ring due to their weight with Mye's stands.

Hifi - VTL 5.5 Pre with NOS RCA 12AX7's, DNA-500 amp(silver HiFi fuses) with Synergistics master power cable, MIT Shotgun S3 Bi-Wire speaker and IC's, Cardas jumpers on 3.6's w/Silver HiFi fuses too, Benchmark DAC with balanced IC's to amp, fed by Squeezebox Touch from Win 7 PC with FLAC as main source, Technics 1210TT w/Denon 103 cartridge for vinyl. Room is 13x17x9 with lots of ATX(Richmond, VA) room acoustics tuning used. Maggies are about 3 feet off front wall, 8 ft apart, 3 feet from sides roughly with listening chair at about 11 ft. Not exact measurements. I just built this house/dedicated audio room in the last year. Might be too much for this new place. Old room was 14X21x8.

Happy listening....
Anyone compare Mye to Sound Anchors for MMG. I don't believe that the Mye for MMG don't have the struts to support the back either.