What stand does you Turntable sit on?

Looking for a seperate stand to set my TT on.
see http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/fr.pl?eanlg&1039148089&openflup&4&4#4
A Lead Balloon atop the Delta Tower. Legs of the Delta Tower are lead shot filled, and spike fitted. Whole affair sits on a carpet covered wood floor that has been braced from below in basement. Bought it 12 years ago from the then downtown Grand Rapids Audio Advisor. My sister was getting married in GR so I thought I could save some coin on freight by picking it up myself. They were a little surprised at the request but I was given a tour of their site too. Nice people.
I have a short rigid hardwood table, with straight legs, topped with an MDF/formica section from a kitchen countertop about 1" thick, and then that is topped with a thick slab of granite. This provides kind a a makeshift constrained-layer type of system, that does not compromise any rigidity or impair the dynamic coupling to the floor. I think this floor coupling is very important.

I also use my own DIY cocobolo wood cones in a special shape, under my Teres TT.

It works out well, and there is excellent attack on the leading edges of the sounds, and superior decay. Dynamics are excellent, and bass response is also great. Teriffic overall sound, air, and PRaT. I found that even a thin sheet of felt anywhere between the TT and the floor, blunted the attack, and deadened the sound in general.

My TT is mass loaded, so this is good for my setup. YMMV.
Symposium Ultra Shelf with inverted dh labs cones below shelf. Check out ww.symposiumacoustics.com They have a special section just for tutntables (a VPI TNT in this case). Nothing has compared to the symposium stuff for me. The cones and pods were all toys compared to this thing. I have also heard excellent things about the Walker Audio Points.
I use a Mana Reference stand under my Walker Audio tt. Lots of weight on plate glass, but it works.
No matter how I've mass weighted, isoloated,
or whateverated a turntable stand, I find
a wall-mounted shelf to be far superior.
After all, it's bolted to just about the heaviest
thing around you - your house!
The bracket is solidly mounted to the wall,
and the shelf sits on points to help isolate it
from any airborne vibrations (from the speakers).
My Alex Mk IV sits on a MDF panel which is suspended from the ceiling with 4 vinyl coated wires. Horizontal motion is restricted by small wire loops between the wall and the MDF panel, but the apparatus is in free suspension when playing, since the loops do not touch the wall at that time.

Certainly solves the footfall problem!
I had concrete pillars poured into the foundation of the house. These rise through the flooring and support each turntable that i own. The sheer mass of these is nearly immovable, so i need only worry about air-borne vibrations. Sean
Sean, actually now you also have to worry about earth borne vibrations! You now have a seismograph, albeit somewhat isolated by the TT suspension, but not the low frequencies vibrations that precede and accompany earthquakes.
Inpep: I would have to worry about such things if the above were true. I figured that you folks could use a laugh. I know that there are people that have done what i mentioned, but i'm not THAT crazy ( yet ) : ) Sean
Sean, I am relieved to hear that. Actually I was quite surprised to see your post, since your other posts seemed to show that you do have a good grasp of many things technology-wise refering to audio.

Salut, Bob P.

PS. I do really suspend my TT from the ceiling!
I'd been told that Target stands had closed up, but I see in the Music Direct catalog they are offering the Target wall mount platforms.
when I had a house with sprung wood floors - now my listening room has carpet over concrete, and my 'table is right on my BillyBags rack.
Oops - that was supposed to say I had a Target Wall rack when I had a house with wood floors!

Best racks I've ever worked with for turntables are Rix Rax:


However if they are out of your price range, or not your style, the second best solution is a wall mounted shelf. I prefer the Quadraspire (www.quadraspire.co.uk) to the Target because it provides more precise leveling using threaded spikes, and it also costs less and comes in a variety of wood finishes. But the Target is also an excellent choice.
Mine sets on a stainless steel rack built by a local metal fabricator. The rack is attached to the wall with a pair of threaded stainless rods which protrude through the exterior wall. The design will support over 300 pounds. It cost less than $80.00 excluding my time to mount it on the wall.
Mana wall shelf. Got used one here for ca. $300
Mine sits atop a 4X4 that goes into the ground under the addition in about 5-6 feet of concrete.
You can all have a good laugh now, cause I am dead serious.

It was the only way I could get mine to stop with the bouncy bouncy.....

I wish the roof of this tarpaper shack I live in could be trusted to support my table, but it cannot. :(