What SS Int Amp to match with Sonus Faber?

Hi all,

Need some inputs on SS Int Amp which would be a good match with Sonus Faber Speaker? Budget of about USD3K. Looking for tube-like sound.

The exact model is the Domus Grand Piano with sensitivity of 90dB and impedance of 4 ohms.

Many Thanks!
Try both the Sonus Faber Musica and Pathos Classic II.
I have listened to properly set up Domus Concerto speakers using two different systems in the same audition room. One system utilized Hovland electronics, the other Naim. I, as well as other listeners, much preferred the Naim setup with this particular speaker.

I like the Concerto. It is a very well balanced and musical speaker. But, for my taste, it is a bit polite sounding -- not quite enough speed and oomph in the upperbass/midrange. That may account for the Naim sounding good with this speaker. The Naim has a much more propulsive sound. The Naim amplification was not an integrated amp, but their entry level separates. I strongly recommend that you look into Naim electronics.

I would also suggest looking for similarly dynamic and lively sounding electronics. It's just a pure guess, but I would think Ayre electronics would work well. I would also bet that Lavardin would sound pretty good too.
If you are looking for tube sound, why not go with tubes?

Hi. The best vocal I heard from a SF Concerto was from a Plinius 8200. Much better match then a Krell 400xi on the exact same setup. Also heard a wonderful match of SF Concertino & Jadis Orchestra Ref but it was under-powered.
There's a Sonus Faber Musica ss integrated for sale here right now (no connection). I would imagine that would be a perfect match, though I'm sure there are others.