What SS Int Amp to match with Sonus Faber?

Hi all,

Need some inputs on SS Int Amp which would be a good match with Sonus Faber Speaker? Budget of about USD3K. Looking for tube-like sound.

The exact model is the Domus Grand Piano with sensitivity of 90dB and impedance of 4 ohms.

Many Thanks!
I have French-made Cairn's 4808A amplifier (about 2K USD new) and two monoblocks power amps K1 driving SF Cremona Auditors. SF speakers are so easy to drive that you do not need high-budget electronics to get the best out of them. Before I got the K1s, only the 4808A was enough to get crispy and musical sounds out of the SF. All depends on how large your room is.

Good listening.
I'd recommend the Jeff Rowland Concentra.
Try both the Sonus Faber Musica and Pathos Classic II.
I have listened to properly set up Domus Concerto speakers using two different systems in the same audition room. One system utilized Hovland electronics, the other Naim. I, as well as other listeners, much preferred the Naim setup with this particular speaker.

I like the Concerto. It is a very well balanced and musical speaker. But, for my taste, it is a bit polite sounding -- not quite enough speed and oomph in the upperbass/midrange. That may account for the Naim sounding good with this speaker. The Naim has a much more propulsive sound. The Naim amplification was not an integrated amp, but their entry level separates. I strongly recommend that you look into Naim electronics.

I would also suggest looking for similarly dynamic and lively sounding electronics. It's just a pure guess, but I would think Ayre electronics would work well. I would also bet that Lavardin would sound pretty good too.
If you are looking for tube sound, why not go with tubes?

Hi. The best vocal I heard from a SF Concerto was from a Plinius 8200. Much better match then a Krell 400xi on the exact same setup. Also heard a wonderful match of SF Concertino & Jadis Orchestra Ref but it was under-powered.
There's a Sonus Faber Musica ss integrated for sale here right now (no connection). I would imagine that would be a perfect match, though I'm sure there are others.
Thanks for all the response.

Well I'm looking for amp with remote control , so the Musica is out for me.

As for the Lavardin, I'm not too sure will the 35W be enough. I have heard the Sugden A21SE (Class A, 30W) driving the Spendor S8E, and found the pair to be lacking in details and bass.

Unfortunately we don't have Cairn dealer here in my country.

I did considered tube, the Cary SLI-80 in particular, but Cary stuffs are kinda overpriced here.

Many Thanks!
I'm using the Pathos Classic one (70W) with Sonus Faber Amator 2 and it's great. Never felt underpower but I don't really listen very loud. The Pathos Logos with 110W would also be a good match , I assume.
Sigh..we also cannot find Pathos here...

the next viable option is the Audio Research Vsi55... any comments?

Many Thanks
I recently purchased a classic Dual 75a rebuilt Acoustic Research 6550 based Tube amp. I was going to sell it along with my Sonus Faber Grand Pianos because I had just purchased a Cary v12r Tube amp and JM Labs Mini Utopias. In a head to head competition that my wife and I held just last night the Sonus Fabers blew them away hand down. I was actually a little disappointed and suprised but the winner was clear. I know the Grands are a floor standing speaker and have a larger cabinet, but the base response from the Grands was terrific coming from the AR amp which they seem to love. It is making me rethink whih amp I am going to use as well as which speakers. I do not know your reason on looking for ss amps so my comments may be unhelpful, but I have to say the grand pianos match better with a 75 watt per channel tube amp than with the 120 watt per channel solid state that I was using them with. I was kind of scared to feed them too much power with only 7 inch drivers but they loved the AR's 75 watts even at high volumes. I also had the amp hooked straight to the speakers and they did not sound flat at all while the JM Labs did. Don't get me wrong I was actually impressed with the JM Labs and they had more base than I had heard that they did. The Sonus- AR combo was just terrific though.
The speakers are Italian, why not go for an Italian amp? Audio Analogue Settanta Puccini at 70 watts/channel should be the amp to go for at just under USD2K. I have heard the Puccini SE in my own system and it floored me, it belongs to a friend who has very old 4 Ohm EPI speakers.

Another friend of mine has the SF GP being driven by Unision Research amp, that too is a good combination.

Not sure you can source it where you are but thought I should put in my 2 cents also if it helps.
I recently purchased the Sonus Faber Grand Piano Domus speakers. I am using the McIntosh MA6900 Integrated amp and the McIntosh MCD205 CD player. I was told 100+ hours is needed for the speakers to sound right. My speakers are still in break in mode but are getting better every day. If possible, you should borrow an amp of your choice and see how it sounds in your room before you decide. cheers..
I second the SF Musica, to die for, let alone with SF speakers, to rescucitate for. I had it for a week with my SF Concerto and SF Signum and it was unreal...but out of my budget at the time. I went with a used YBA DT instead, great match but not quite up to the Musica in the bloom department.
If you are interested in tubes I purchased a Cary amp that I do not think I am going to use. It is the V12r and I ordered it special from Cary in the Jaguar Black. I paid $3500 for it and would sell for that same price if you are at all interested. It would come in new in box with the reciept. I just did not want to back out on the dealer I ordered from.
You may want to try out the YBA passion integre, which is above the 2K budget but worth the extra cost. At 100 wpc it is more than enough to drive my 88 db Revelation Audio Mistral S6 monitors. I imagine the SF speakers would be a breeze for it and I can assure you that this integre is quite musical ... from my own experience of course ... I pair it up with an audio aero capitole MKII SE.

just a thought.
Unison Research Unico. It is inexpensive 80 Watts and has a tube input stage. Or you could step up to the plate and purhase a REAL-TUBE Integrated Amplifer like a Cary or a Pathos. Good Luck.

a used Pathos Logos, Plinius 9200, Magnum Dynalab, a used Mark Levinson 331 with a passive pre, Hegel.......