What SS amps would work well with Shindo preamp?

I am using Shindo Aurieges with an old Musical Fidelity A3 CR to drive my mid-efficient Piega A3 Ltd (91db @ 4 ohm). I would like to upgrade the amp. Natrually, a Shindo Montille would be the first choice, but with only 15 w per channel, I don't know if it would drive the Piega well.

Anyone had any expereince with Shindo with either a SS power amp or a high-power tube amp? Any suggestion?
I am using an Accuphase P-3000 paired with a Shindo Aurieges to drive a pair of Sonus Faber Auditor M's in my secondary system and the result is superb. The same thing was true when I previously used a pair of Verity Tamino x2's in the same system.
Thank you for your advice. The input impedence of the Accuphase is 20 ohm, does it allow input adjustment? Being a tube preamp, Auriege has a high output impedence... What's your expereince matching the impedence?
The Accuphase does not allow impedence input adjustments. I bought the Accuphase and the Shindo from the same dealer, who assured me that they were very compatible units. The pre-purchase demo in my system confirmed it. FWIW, in my experience, I have found Accuphase power amps to have a blend of the better attributes of tube and SS amps.

Good luck!
Jerry, actually the Montille and Devore Super 8s are a popular pairing and the Devores are only 90 dBs. I'm not sure that the simple sensitivity numbers will tell you the whole story. Me and a friend both have the Montille and we simply love it, so it would be best if you could have a chance to actually try the Montille with your speakers before ruling it out.
The First Watt Aleph J (Pass) is made for tube preamps with high output impedances and its 30 watts should be more than enough power to drive those speakers. Besides being a very tube pre friendly load, it also happens to be a great sound amplifier.
Anyone has any experience partnering Shindo pre with Karan power amp? Wonder if they match. I am now running Karan power with Hovland pre and the matching is not great.