What SS Amp for TAD-150 Tube Preamp?


I am thinking of getting TAD-150 Tube Preamp - as it has remote, Sub-out and phono stage. As I have a kid ready to crawl I am thinking of Solid State Amp to go with it.

Can you please suggest a SS amp for ~ $500 used to go with TAD-150 Tube Preamp.

I am looking for microdynamics at low listening levels.
Driving Von Schweikert VR1 Stand mount 89db with sub.

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I have the TAD-150 with a McCormack DNA-1. I am driving Vandersteen 2CE Sigs. I paid $800 but, you can get a McCormack DNA-0.5 for around $600 or $700. If you don't need them driven too loud, the 0.5 should work fine. I ran a thread some time back and people were using the Vandy's with the DNA-0.5. I think the Vandy's are slightly more inefficient at about 86DB. If you buy the TAD-150 you will be surprised at its dynamics.

I am using this preamp with a Sonographe SA250. Sounds good to me, and these amps sell used for about $500....
Thanks for suggestions. McCormack sounds like a good choice to go with tubes. I have not heard much about Sonographe but again I have not much period.

I am so tempted to extend my budget and go for Plinius 8000 series or Electrocompaniet Power amp - they go for close to $900 or so. I have been going around circles with Plinius for a while but I want to try some tubes - that may not be a bad idea to choose Plinius for Poweramp.

Iput appreciated. I'll stay in touch
I have read / heard a lot about Plinius 8200 MkII Integrated but almost nothing about Plinius 8200p Poweramp. Is there any reason? Does anyone know? I'd imagine that 8200p power amp should be in the same league or better than its integrated counterpart.

Also I am getting concerned that McCormack DNA amps are 7 to 14 years old - wouldn't the performance of amps such old be affected - due to wearing of capacitors etc?

You might consider a Belles 150A or, for a couple more bucks, the Hotrod 150A. Great amps and right around your price range.
I ended up getting matching TAD-60 tube power amp with TAD-150 for the value if offers, I could get anything half decent in this price range in separates. Thanks all.