What SS amp for ATC scm 19 ??

What amp for atc scm 19 ??
class A or D
I´m looking for accurate, detail and transparent sound, true honest sound.No needed big powering because of very small room...and a relative economic amp.

Anyone knows any experience??
You may try high power tube amps. It works great with my ATC SCM10. You should get min 60Watt/ch for tube amps.
I have 2 pairs of SCM 7's, and I have found that even the small monitors can drink lots of power.
I noted your preferecnes - SS, cheap, detailed, transparent and honest. The 19 prefers a lot of power and you may find yourself wanting to listen louder, as, unlike some designs, it sounds just as good at elevated levels. I'd suggest 150 Watts even though 19 is an easy load, as it is relatively inefficient with sealed box and no port: this design gives accuracy in the bass but somewhat at the cost of efficiency.

A second hand Bryston 3B ST is great value or even a 4B ST - but since you don't need the power the 3B should be much cheaper.

Match this with a pre-amp that handles the inputs you need - if you don't need much then Rotel make very simple high quality but great value preamps. If you are looking for a lot of features then your preamp might cost a lot more than the Bryston.