what spkr do you suggest with a 12w /chanl amp ?

I have a Sugden vintage A21 class A amp.I obviously need high efficiency +90db speakers to partner it.My room is 15 x 11x 7 ft. I have a budget of $600 and would prefer 2nd hand. I loved the totem arro but they are out of price range. Can anyone with either a tube or low power amp give me their insight into a successful match they managed.I listen mainly to classical and female vocal.Many thanks
Here's a speaker that should match well with your amplifier.It is for sell right here on Agon Soliloquy SM-2A3. The asking price is $475.00 but the speaker retailed for over $1500.00 a pair. The SM-2A3 was designed by Dennis Had ( founder of Cary Audio). If you like vocals and pianos Soliloquys are the speakers! I have no affiliation with the seller.

Good Luck!
There are plenty of high efficency speakers out there. Don't worry! 12W is not that weak. I've tried 8W with excellent result with some very efficient speakers.
Hi and thanks foryour replies so far. It looks like the Soliliquy have sold - pity cos they sound perfect for me. Infinity - any models you can suggest? I had it running thru 87db/8ohm and it couldnt work them efficiently. BTW - im a fully fledged member here now so hello forumites , nice to join you !!
Check out Silverline Audio, Coincident and Buggtussel speaker lines.

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von schwierkert db-99
basically, anything with a 96db or higher will be good 98db or above is just great!
I have green Mountain Europas driven by a KR Audio Antares 12W/ channel amp. This combo sounds nice in my 15x20 room, and I rarely play at full volume. The Europas are supposed to be fairly efficient but they also have a flat impedence which makes them a good match for low power amps.