What spinning on your turntable today and how does it sound?

    I know there are many threads on whats playing ,but I have been thinking .How about we do an all vinyl thread
and give a brief description of how it sounds and the pressing .I think this will not only turn us on to new music and remind us of some stuff we have forgotten,but also give us an idea of what to look for without the obvious searches on hot wax etc...

I've bought quite a few Big Brother & Janis lps lately. For a comparison of just two:

Big Brother & The Holding Co. "S/T" (Sundazed/mono)
Big Brother & The Holding Co. "1968 Live at the Carousel Ballroom"  (Legacy/stereo)

Just to compare one song, "Call On Me", on the Sundazed mono, this track sounds strident, no lower frequency info, sort of irritating compared to the other, which sounds like a whole different presentation. The overall dynamics are night & day. It does have one caveat that the vocals come from the left channel. When you overcome this, this lp really does sound great. This is one lp that makes buying certain re-issues enjoyable. To rate the two.. the mono a 7, compared to the live, a solid 9 - 9.5  on my stereo cart.

For a reference, the other lps I own are:

"Cheap Thrills" MFSL/45rpm
"Cheap Thrills" original domestic
"Pearl" MFSL/45rpm
"Pearl" domestic re-issue
"I Got Dem Ol' Kozmic Blues Again Mama" (Speakers Corner)
Zappa - Joe's Garage, Acts ii & iii (original 1979 'holophonic' pressing), Alright Jack - Home Service (great English old-school folk), Junior Wells with Buddy Guy - Hoodoo Man Blues (you can feel the smokey atmosphere). 
Can't beat vinyl, tubes and ESLs!

Side note. Check out KEXP radio's channel on YouTube to hear some wonderful contemporary music.