What spikes , if any, do MBL 101E's owners use?

Anyone have any suggstions on what spikes, if any, they are using on their MBL 101E's? Also, what effects are you hearing with or without spikes?

I'm using Black Diamond original threaded pits with cones screwed in. This assembly sits on top of a mini jumbo puck. I have 3 sets per speaker. This all sits on carpet atop a wood sub floor.

The difference is night and day. With out the Black Diamond I find my speakers to be slow and boomy sounding.
Hi Cyrus & Lhobby,

I had some other speakers prior to the 101's and had placed the speakers onto Sistrum SP-1 platforms after doing some research and I was really impressed overall with the improvements being all positive. I use these specific platforms because they are allot easier to work with and fit nicely underneath the speakers, I can still pivot the speaker easily so to reposition with them still being on the platforms, if they were placed on the SP-101's you would not be able to do this, well maybe you might be able to but it would be allot harder. I also have a pair of SP-101's but use them under my mono blocks, just unbelievable results, very happy.

They sit ontop of very thick carpet & under-pad which is on top of double 3/4 plywood laminated together and secured to resilient floor joists. If you have flooring that you don't want to get damaged you can use the protective coupling disc's. I use these under my amps with the SP-101 so not to damage them. One person whom I assisted placing his BIG JM-LAB Nova BE speakers onto SP-101's, he lives in a Condo with concrete floors and was absolutely stunned. He obviously knows his system better then me but with my limited listening prior and after installation I noticed right away bass, clarity and more focused stage and I was off to the side, it was so obvious. His wife came home while I was still there and committed right away saying what ever you did it sounds better than ever. Thumbs up!

So when I got my MBL's I just automatically put them ontop, well it was time to take the MBL's off platforms some 12 months later to see. Well all I can say is they are back on the platforms, it's a no brainer.

All I can say is they really work well and every person whom I have recommended and has tried was thrilled.

Check out their site and unlimited Reviews and Testimonials.

Here's another review to check out, actually very good.


I was really sceptical but not any more.
Dev, From the Sistrum web site, it looks like the sp-1 platform is 17 inches wide. My 101's are exactly 17 inches wide at the base. How do they fit under the speaker? Thanks, Cyrus
Hi Cyrus,

that's what is nice about using these SP-1's as the actual over all size is very similar to the foot print size of the MBL's so nothing is really exposed. Looks like they were designed for them.

Looking at the picture of the Sistrum platforms, the brass points you see actually screw together and where they are positioned is a long slot. This slot is the actual area of adjustment, you just position the brass point where you desire it for size and tighten it up, it's that easy.

Measurement of mine;

The front brass point I have positioned at 1 1/2 inches and the two back brass points I have positioned at 3 inches.

Installation and how I did it;

with the front brass point removed, I tilted the speaker forward (I had assistance) my helper held it in that position (wife) not hard to do at all. Just a pointer here make sure you have her put on those fancy gloves that came with the speakers that way no bracelets, rings, other jewellery or fancy nails become issues, ha! ha!. Gotta have a laugh right? I then carefully slid the platform underneath the speaker from behind with the two brass points all ready installed. I slid it under positioning so the centre of the points were 2 1/2 inches from the back and sides. By doing this the front was centered but I did check to confirm. I then tilted the speaker backwards onto the two points already in position, tilted the speaker back a little bit and with my helper (wife) steadying the speaker. I then pushed down on the front of the Sistrum platform as it will be up against the bottom of the speaker and installed the last point. I positioned that point again at 2 1/2 inches in from the front of the speaker base and centred.

I have to say it was pretty simple after I put some thought into it and figured out the measurements, the first time arround went well. I rocked the speaker a bit just to assist in settling better into the carpet (no carpet you will not need to do this, if you are wanting to protect your floors just tilt and install protective couplings under the points)

Prior to critical listening right away your speakers need to settle in, I know this seems all so weird but read more about this. I have found using any of these platforms underneath speakers and amps is when this is most apparent. It takes time for total settling in, some things that may occur, images can be out of focus, centered image may not be centred and off to one side, bass wooly. It all happens just like flicking the light switch on, it's all so really weird.

Oh and if you need to reposition your speakers, it's easy just pivot the speaker on the brass point. You do not have to do anything but just make sure to hold unto the speaker firmly.

Hope this helps, any more questions let me know.

You are going to be in for a real tweet, let me know what your thoughts are.

I have lost count now how many others have tried with other speakers and have been absolutely blown away, getting to read what they experienced has been a blast and that's what this hobby is all about.

Dev. Great advice. Thanks. I am going to order a pair. I noticed from their web site that the SP-1 are 4.5 inches tall and the SP-1-A is only 2 5/6 tall. It seems like the Sp-1-A would bethe way to go? An thoughts on this.
Hi Cyrus,

SP-1 for speakers and SP-1A for on your component rack for under components, I asked the same question of Robert. His advice to me at that time was the SP-101's but I had issues with using those with my speakers so the SP1's were then recommended.

I have had these for a few years now (SP1) and at that time Robert mentioned he was in the process of designing new product being superior so you might want to inquire about this. If you don't mind give some feedback regarding what you learn, thanks.

I believe he mentioned to me larger brass points and the platform body which is black currently was going to be solid brass and costing large.

Hi Cyrus,

when you are talking to Robert ask about Virtual Dynamics as they seem to be offering the same product that I just mentioned above that Robert spoke to me about years ago.
Looks to be the same principal design and theory but with VD's own logo laser cut. Let me know would be interesting.

Check it out;

Dev, I will talk Robert tomorrow and get back to with what I find out. My guess is that the SP-1-A was not made a couple of years ago.
The Virtual Dynamics rack is simply a solid brass version or copy of a Sistrum.
Starsound is "I believe" looking at offering such a rack in solid brass with new and more advanced technology and once they have this available the Virtual Dynamics version solid brass rack will no longer be offered. We have every confidence the new Sistrum rack I believe called "Stage" will be more than stunning from what we have heard it will be a must have product.
Virtual Dynamics will continue to work with consumers that would like a custom product for applications like the MBL speaker mentioned here. You may even want to have the work done at a local Machine shop and do it yourself, if that is the case were here to help.
Rick Schultz
Virtual Dynamics
Dev, Looks I will not be able to get the SP1-A until mid Jan. Robert says they are on backorder.
Hi Cyrus,

too bad but Jan. isn't that far away, when you spoke to Robert did he recommend the SP1-A over the SP1's I currently have.
If so why? Did you inquire about the all brass unit's that Rick from Virtual Dynamics mentioned above in his thread referring them to "STAGE"

I actually pulled up some pics from a show dated back in 2006 showing these platforms from Sound Star "Sistrum" and noticed Virtual Dynamics was actually also exhibiting in the same booth.

Check it out, just go to the bottom of the pics and then up a few and you will see them, some good pics.

Dev, Robert actually thought the SP101 would be the best, but I did not want to raise the speakers that high. We settled on the Sp 1-A with one and a half inch spikes. I believe there are some legal isues with VD and Sistrum that I don't want to go into on this forum, but I certainly side with Robert from what I know.
Hi Cyrus,

oh no legal issues with VD regarding the "Sistrum" product, I was wondering why the strange reply above from "Draudio" Rick Schultz from Virtual Dynamics which now explains why.

Regarding the SP101's, yes those are the ones he also recommended to me, I use those under my mono blocks. Just to let you know they are adjustable for height but would be allot harder to work with. You would need some help to actually lift the speakers and place them on top. They could be used once you have found that spot and don't seem to be moving your speakers any more. I am contemplating about doing this as that seems to be where I'm at.

When you spoke to Robert did he say anything regarding the SP1 and SP1-A differences sonically and preference.
Dev, Roberts order of preference is as follows: !. Sp 101 2.SP1 3. Sp1-A. I am just concerned with getting the tweeters any higher off the floor than they all ready are.
Cyrus, thanks. Regarding the height that was a concern of mine also but prior to actually installing mine I did some experimenting and did not notice much if any variance and in the end was not concerned. You might want to do it also, with your listening chair add a cushion or two which in essence would prop you up higher, obviously this is only for experimenting and see what happens.

Dev, What speaker cables have you tried on your 101E's? Are you bi wiring them?

I had VD Genesis 6ft bi-wire speakers cables originally and then switched over to two pairs of Stealth Dream per speaker so I'm true bi-wired.

From what I have read most MBL users are using Tara Labs, they say the speakers do not like any Silver, there is Silver within the design if the Dream cables but I have not had any negative issues what so ever.

I actually use Stealth product through out my system, two Indra's for IC's between dac to pre and from pre to mono blocks in XLR connection.

I use a Sextet digital from transport to dac, AES connection.

All power cords are Dream, 5 of them.

I have tried a few others and to date I have found that I'm very happy with Stealth within my system and my cable hunt has ended. Once I get my amp situation figured out, it could in the end possibly be more than just amps so my cable situation may change, time will tell.

So did you do any experimenting with listening to the speakers and putting your self at different listening heights. What was your outcome?
Dev, Yes I did and with my listening position fairly low to begin with, it just is not pratical to use a pillow or something to get my ears up to where they would need to be. I will now probably just go with the Sp-1-A with one and a half inch spikes as Robert suggested. I will report back whenever I get them.
Dev, Do you know if you can use both the XLR and RCA impits from the 9008's. I was thinking of running my Berkely Alpha dac direct into the 9008's for two channel via a xlr cable and a rca to my pre. for HT.. I don't want to change cables when going from HT to two channel.
Cyrus, I don't know 100% so you should ask some of the MBL owners or post a new thread asking this specific question as you would not want to take the chance of damaging your amps.

With what ever answers you get from others I would still contact MBL to confirm.
Dev, What would be your take on the 101E's mk11? Have you heard a pair? Thanks, Cyrus