What speakers would you recomend for Linn Majik?

I have just bought a linn majik integrated amp to be used with a linn ikemi cd player. I live in Japan and it is very difficult to hear non linn speakers with the majik. The ninkas are nice but I was wondering if B & W cdm7nt speakers would be a better match. Any recomendations on those or other speakers?
hi- i have a classik and have castle harlechs. have
also used vienna acoustics haydns.nordost super flatline
bi'd to the harlechs. they sound fine. i thought about
the bw's but i got a good deal on the harlechs.

there is only one speaker for the majik...linn tukan and no other will do as well......the linn boys know what they are doing with synergy.......
Hi Folks,

I'm Mexican and I'm living in Chile (Souhtamerica)

I'm very happy with my linn majik-i amp with phono satage.

My configuration:

Amp Linn Majik-I 66 watts 4 ohms
CD Player Revox S22
Interconnects Ven Den Hul
Speakers Jamo D830 was exconcer 8
Biwiring with Audioquest Slate
I'm thinking to change to biamping using the two pair of speakers posts thats majiks's has.
Turntable NAD 533 with rega rb250 arm and goldring elektra stylus.

I think tahat Jamos D830 was my best option I can tested the spakers two months in my house, in US the cost of each is 1,300 usd and I bouth the pair in 1,200 usd (new boxes)

As you can see I bougth the jamos as a good oportunity.

I tested the jamos with a Kolector preamp, LK140 amp and genki cd, Katan and ninka speaker too.

The sound was more impresive with the majik an jamo D830.

Goog Luck!

Jorge Ramirez
you can use any speaker you want at moderate volume levels but if you want to crank it up i would recommend smaller speakers like the katans with rel sub or a speaker with a powered bass driver.
Tukans or Katans, Ninkas if possible. The Katans are astounding for their size, esp if you add another amp for passive or aktiv bi.

B&W and LINN are notoriously bad sounding together.