What speakers would make sense with a 110w SS amp?

Hi All- Here's a beginner's question: I'd like to find some inexpensive speakers (under $700) to go with my older Sansui BA-2000 amp and CA-2000 preamp. The amp is from the late 70s, I think, and according to the manual has 110w per channel at 8 ohms, with 0.03% THD. I'd like to try something a little different than the normal box-type speaker, and am attracted to Magnepans (1st choice), Vandersteen 2s, Klipsch Cornwalls and maybe Dahlquist DQ10s. I listen to jazz, rock, and a little classical. My question is: would the amp be appropriate to drive a pair of Magnepan I, II, or IIIs - - or the other speakers listed? I've read that the Klipschs may need cleaner, fewer watts (tube) to sound decent, so I've all but ruled them out. Thanks in advance for any comments you have!
Here's an interesting website to learn about the history of Sansui. (www.sansui.us//Amplifiers.htm) I'm not familiar w/your amp, but it should be able to drive the maggies. How well, I do not know. They need lots of current. If that's what really interests you, order a set from their website and give them a listen. You can return them if not satisfied.(The ones that are the home-trial pair. I believe they sell for $550. Model # escapes me @ the moment. MMG's?) No better way to find out if the "Maggie" sound is right for you.
My vote is for Magnepans.Depending on how far you listen from the speakers and the model of the Maggies you pick,this will be the determining factor of the power you need. Maggies impedance is a steady load and more efficient than one might think.I have measured my own at 6 ohms and their nearly six feet tall.The Sansui shouldn't break a sweat at average listening levels.

Good Luck!
Ditto on the maggies. Used them with a Mcintosh 100 watt amp and they sounded beautiful. Plus a 90 day no questions asked money back gaurantee, cant beat it.
Everyone, thanks for your responses, and thanks to Kotta for the Sansui history page which was new to me - very interesting. I will be pursuing the Magnepans, either by getting lucky with a local used offer or the mail order MMGs as suggested.
I have the same Preamp as you, not bad at all and looks cool. I like big things. :-)

I also have a set of DQ 10's and love the sound. But 110 watt's will not cut it. I have a old Adcom GFA1A that souned great, but when into shut down when I cranked it. Just bought a Adcom 555 to replace it and hope that will do the job.

If you can get the power to drive the DQ 10's, well worth the money. I listen to many speakers before I bought the DQ's and only ones I heard better where 2 X's the cost. That was 1986 I might add.

Cuda Ken