What speakers work well with your BAT VK-55?

I'm looking for opinions on speakers to go with a VK-31SE / VK-55 combo.
I'm interested in what has worked well for you!
Of course, room size and source are vital criteria for any speaker choice. In my 21 X 13 X 8 room with an analog front end, the Audio Physic Scorpio speakers deliver outstanding synergy with the VK-55. Similar to most audiophiles on the 'gon I'm quite selective and this combo produces a degree of detail that is lush, fully fleshed out and involving. AP is known for their huge sound stage and the width, height and front to back depth are really quite exceptional. The bass, 4 7" drivers, is rock solid and produces chest-thumping slam. Obviously, there are many speaker choices and this pairing is IMO, extraordinary.
Reference 3A Grand Veenas, Merlin MMX, and Gemme Audio Katanas are all exceptional speakers that I have heard with the BAT VK55 amplifier.
My Tyler Acoustics sound very good with BAT.
Thanks for your responses. Jwpstayman, in your experience how was the mid bass and deep bass response of the Reference 3 Grand Veenas?
magneplaner 1.7 sound great with this amp with a rel t1