What speakers work well with Boulder ??

I'm curious to know what brands of speakers anyone may have heard that sounded particularly good when run with a Boulder preamp/amp. combo??
I have Boulder equiptment and I get pretty good results using Wilson Maxx2 loudspeakers. The Boulder amp seems to offer the power and control that helps get best from the Wilsons. I have also heard them do wonderful things with Avalon and Magico loudspeakers as well. I like the "velvet glove" aspect of the bigger Boulder stuff and it is unmatched when driving any loudspeaker that requires those qualities, as it offers them in spades. Your speaker choices are therfore pretty broad, but those are the best combinations I have yet heard with Boulder front end.
I heard B&W 800D's hooked up to Boulder with Transparent Opus MM cables.

Simply perfect!

Yes I thought Avalon and Boulder might be a good pairing, but was surprised to read in another thread here on Audiogon, that a couple of people thought the pairing (RMAF 2005) sounded like "hifi". Thus this thread - I want to get some ideas before I go auditioning...
I Have a Boulder 2060 Audio Research Ref3 combo. I have had Avalon Osiris, Dynaudio Temptations and now MBL 101e's. I'll make it short and sweet. They were outstanding with each speaker. The reasons for the changes had to do with the speakers, since this amp/pre combo simply reveals what's farther down the chain. All of the speakers need power to extract their best performance. Power that allows for the speaker dynamics to come through. The Boulder has it all: soundstaging, imaging, a "you-are-there" sense of dynamics and a terrifc musicality. I can listen for hours to vastly different types of music and be happy. I went through Rowland 9Ti's, Pass 600's and Krell 750 Mcx's. The Krells were the only ones that came even somewhat close. I do wonder what the new Krell Evolution series would sound like, but I'm really done for now(yeah, sure).

Daviud Shapiro
I haven't actually heard them together, but, Thiel lists Boulder on their top short list.