What speakers with Bel Canto

Can anyone offer advice on what speakers would work with my Bel Canto CD1 and Bel Canto Evo Gen 2. I listen to contemporary jazz,( Jan Garbarek, EST, Bugge Wesseltoft, Truffaz, Molvaer ) some rock, ( Foo Fighters, QOTSA ) some electonica ( Boards of Canada, Banco De Gaia). I am drawn to either Totem Arro, Sttaf, or Hawk, or Audio Physic Yara Classic having read good reviews on all. My room is small at about 12ft square, Any advice will be greatly received, I don't have a big budget. Cheers.
Both you menioned and Usher.
I have been using the Bel Canto eVo2i integrated for more than a year now in a room of similar proportions to yours. First let me say I love this amp. Also, I'm using a Bel Canto Dac2 with an Oppo DV-980H as a transport for one of the sources. Click on my system page below for details.
As for speakers, I am currently using a pair of Proac Response 1.5s which are comparable to the Totems you mention. Also a pair of Meadowlark Audio Kestrel Hot Rods see occasional use in my system. Both speakers work really well with the Bel Canto. The Proacs are an exceptionally well built speaker with a wonderful presentation but they don't seem to get the press here on Audiogon. Maybe they're too mainstream.
I have listened to the Totem Arros and Hawks (at dealer) and thought they sounded very good. If you are looking at used, you should consider the Proac Response 1.5 or newer Response D15 floor standers. They run about the same price as the Hawks on the used market.
Bottom line here is there are many good speakers that will mate well with the Bel Canto so good luck whichever way you go.
Hi, thanks for the advice. I am looking at used items, so I will take a look around to see what's available. Thanks again
One more bit of advice as you are looking at used. Be careful about shipping large speakers. I don't know where you live but if you can find a seller within driving distance it is well worth the drive to pick the speakers up to avoid shipping damage. When it comes to speakers I have learned the hard way that shipping can be hazardous. Good luck.
Accoustic Zen Adagio, Joseph Audio
Thanks again guys. I live in the UK, so some of your suggestions may be difficult to source. Nevertheless, it's terrific to have this kind of advice from you guys. I really appreciate it.
Contact Underwood and ask about the Emrald Physics CS 2
Tweak1 , excelent advise. Easy recommendation. One of the best if not the best in that price range and would stand tall against much more expensive speakers.
Try the Joseph Audio's. Good symbiotic relationship.