What speakers with Audio Research VT-100

Looking for some floorstanders $1000 to $2000 got any Ideas?
Start with the Thiel 1.6's. The Totem Hawk would probably be a good match also. Stick with first-order crossovers.
VAndersteen 2CE sigs. The only other speakers I've heard with the VT200s are Wilson Sophias ans Von Schweikert VR7s. Oh you said $2k. heehee.
Consider Proac 2.5's. They are voiced with ARC tube amps.
I've heard the Vandersteen 5's with the VT 100 mkll and it was fabulous!!
I've been very pleased with my Magnepan 1.6's driven by an Audio Research VT 100.
Best sound I got was with vandersteen 5's. Closely followed (more detail & imaging, less bass) by the audio physic avanti-century. The virgo was excellent as well.

Many people like proacs with audio research. I notice that ARC uses wilsons in their listening room.
ProAc 1.5 are very good with the VT series ARC amps.