What speakers with Aloia power amps?

I have two Aloia power amps that I bi-amp Dunlavy Cantata speakers with. When I switched to the Aloia, over a year now, the sound turned really nice and very pleasing.

But, the new speaker bug has been flying around and I want to know what you have matched with these amps and are there any definite will-not-work speakers with the Aloia that anyone has come across?

Talons, JM Labs, Kharma, Vendersteens, Wilson, Eggleston...what would you add, what would you take off this list?

I know a guy who was using the Talon Khorus X speakers with great results.
I love the sound I get from Kharma C30's.
For what its worth, the aloia importer (sanibel sound) also imports piegas and has shown the two at a fair number of shows together with I am told very good effect (also according to a number of reviewers). I think it would be worth a listen - but confess I have not heard the two together myself.
I've heard the Aloias with Piegas and thought they matched very well. Great detail and yet still quite smooth and very natural sounding. I have an Aloia 13.01 inductive and tried it on my Talon Khorus (original model, single wire so can't bi-amp). I was less impressed. Not bad really, but a little too smooth and not dynamic enough and a bit light in the bass. But very pleasing and musical. This compared to a pair of BC Evos and to a Gamut D200 (granted, at higher prices). I bet it would mate well with the smaller Talons.
rap..i have had,as you do,biamped aloia amps and,as the previous poster noted,used piega p-10 speakers and it was superb.i confess that i have not heard speakers better then the piegas..in fact i am awaiting a new pair of the c-8 ltd piegas' as we speak,and may upgrade to the c-10 ltd if the 8s' are not enough for my lrg room.i currently use a goldmund 29m amp with the piega p10-s but when i did have the aloias' it sounded great.hififarm,1-800-7524018,can help a great deal with your search.good luck.
I beieve the 150I aloia amps can drive anything. I am using them on Piega 10's. also they drove the Dunlavy line well. The 1501 are twice as good as the 130I. I loaned the Aloias to a Soundlab owner who was Quite pleased as well.
Piegas and Aloia are a great match!
Thanks all. I appreciate the feedback. There seems to be a strong, narrow, camp of folks on the 'Gon who are really into the Piegas. I'm in the Boston area and I'll see if there is a dealer around. Since speakers are rather cumbersome, I prefer to buy local to make the trade-in, transport part of the equation easier. Can the Piegas be bi-amp'd? I didn't mention before but I have the 13.01 inductive amplifiers.

Speakers-amplfiers go so much hand-in-hand that is always raises the next question. Do I need to upgrade both for the sake of upgading one?

It's interesting that the Aloia importer is also the Piega importer. I'm not sure what this says, maybe nothing.
rap..yes they can..i biamped them with the 13.01s' before getting the tenor amps i recently sold.they sounded great.