What speakers under 2000$US for...

...a McIntosh MC2102 amplifier with McIntosh C2300 as its pre-amp ? What I listen to the most is Pop-Rock (U2 etc.) but I also really appreciate Classical & Baroque music, some crooners and Jazz (lady vocals especially).

I've moved abroad and I'm now slowly getting myself some good hifi material again. In the past, I've been very happy with Energy 22 or Kef 104/2 speakers but I'm now looking for more "recent" models (brand new as much as possible) as I don't want to have any restoration to do. Also, even though I like the bass to as perfect as possible, I am more "picky" on highs. I've heard many speakers with very good bass but dull highs so the tweeter part is very important to me.

Basically, I need speakers "for now" and we'll see about a more important investment later.

Any suggestions ?
Hi. There is a pair of Sonus Faber Grand Pianos and a pair of Celestion SL 700SE on Audiogon now...both within your budget. Both excellent. The Celestions will respond to high-current amplification better (and will need it more), and they are more picky about setup, positioning. I suspect your current electronics will be very good match here, depending on your tastes. And the Celestions have magic when set up right...there was a time when a number of Stereophile staff used the topline Celestions as references. They are old, but if taken care of...should certainly not require restoration. They're not that old.

Grand Pianos will give a full range sound for a bit more money, and equally can provide magic...perhaps less picky about setup. Those are two of my favorites, having owned by SF and Celestion in the past. Good luck!
I bought my Eminent Technology LFT-8b direct from the manufacturer below your budget, and I think they kill anything up to the Magnepan 3.7, which is probably 2.5-3 times the price. Hybrid planar magnetics with a dynamic woofer. Huge soundstage, phenomenal musicality. Wonderful loudspeakers. Big.
Thank you both ! I'll have a look at what you suggest.
Magnepan 1.7
Agree on Magnepan 1.7...question is will it drive enough for someone like Kingpin who says he listens mainly to poprock? If you can do a sub and match it...Velodyne DD series...watch out!!! Sensational
Hello I have been into audioor well over 30 years and have bought most of the class A rated products out there. I have learned that there are re mall companies out there that give excellent service as well as a well thought out product.if you go to Bamberg Audio you will see he is one of the only guys out there period that knows every phase of engineering from
Cabinets to crossovers.His mm-2 loudspeaker is $2500
But in the red and black you may be able to get it or less,and he uses only high parts quality , seas driver s ,Jantzen Xover parts and Full true plotted graphs with every loudspeaker something not many out there
Are willing to do.these destroy anything in their respective class and even at 2x this will be competitive.
I am now saving for his model 5 .rule of thumb if the entry level speaker is very good then you can bet every model is good.Modwright has been with him at the shows a lot lately. Bamberg is one name to watch.
Fritz Carbon 7's should be on your list.
New: NHT Three's, stands and a sub or just Four's or VMPS 626R hybrid.
Axiom M80 V3
Axioms like power 60 watts of tube amp just didnt do it hooked up an old Carver TFM 55 and they really came alive wife said its like we are right there at the concert . (Amy Winehouse live @ the BBC)
Well, that's cool. Would you say they're excellent speakers? I mean for the price, it's kind of hard to beat those.
Agree with others on Magnepan 1.7.
Linn Majik 140's. I had a pair for about 1 year and used them with SS, and they sounded excellent with tubes. I only sold them to make room for Lipinski L707's. I ran one Linn and one Lipinski at the same time and the Linn was pretty close. I've owened the Katans and Ninkas too. Best of luck.