What Speakers to Use with Sonic Impact T-Amp?

I am making a system to play around with based on the Sonic Impact T-Amp. For speakers, I am debating between used Klipsch Heresy's or Omega Super 3's. Any experiences using either with the SI? Any other suggestions? Front end with either be a CAL Aria or Carver SD/A 490t.

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I am using Axiom M3ti on stands and at lower volumes, they are quite good. They roll off at about 50 Hz and are only 89 dB efficient, so it is a little surprising. It is strained at higher volumes, so I don't go above about 75 dBs in my bedroom, and usually lower than that. I do use the wall power supply and find that the bass extension is better.
Try to stay above 94 dB with the speakers you choose. The less crossover parts the better!
Zu Druids work fabulously with the Sonic-T and variants. Heard a Red Wine recently on my Druids when a friend brought one over for a listen. Drove them clean and strong. 101db/w/m, plenty of sound in a 23'x 12' 9' room.

I would like to hear more on this. I have been vascillating among Omega Super 3, several Klipsch models, and some older Jbl models and even some older Kenwoods. Most all are 93+db. I probably won't be able to hear any of them. But I do like the way the Sonic Impact drives my older 89db Polks. However, the volume is just not there.

I just couldn't justify paying the price of the Druids to mate with a $25 dollar amp. That would be like drinking Ripple wine with a $50 steak.
Of the models you mention, one of them may ultimately be your favorite, but I feel pretty confident in recommending the Omega Super 3 with the SI. Don't forget to factor in stands for them and a long breakin if you buy new. I own and love the Super 3's and had a chance to listen to mine with a Clari-T digital amp and it was a very nice pairing. Good luck.
The Mini Me isn't very efficient.But there are owners of it and the ClariT that say the combination is very good for a small system.At $389 a pair this maybe a way to go. Good thing about Louis..if they don't work out you can send them back for a refund. The 10 warranty doesn't hurt either. His furniture grade cabinets are some of the best I've seen! The pics on his site do not come close to how they look in person.Here's a couple of pics of my former Omega 8s in Red Parisian Maple.

Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3

Good luck
G, Do you know the frequency response of the minis? Also, is there something about the design, 90db and 4ohm, that makes the minis easier to drive that other 90db speakers? The Super 3's are 93db and 8ohm. How do these 2 speakers compare as to "driveability.
For one Papertrail..your going to get more drive out of the SI.Instead of 6wpc you'll get 9 wpc with the 4 ohm Mini Me.I'm unsure of the frequency range of the Mini's.It looks to use one of the Tang Band Bamboo fiber cone drivers.I'm not sure of which one though. The low frequency extention shouldn't be much higher than that of the Super 3s ..I'm guessing? from looking at the frequency graphs in the past. This speaker may sound smoother than the Fostex whizzer cone based speakers.

One of the resident Mathematicians should be able to figure dB level usage of the 9wpc /4 ohms @90dB sensitivity as compared to 6wpc/ 8 ohms @ 93db sensitivity. You can always email Louis ..he's pretty responsive to emails.

I think Cdc has built some open baffle speakers using this driver. He may also be helpful. Where you at Cdc?
Another driver that I've heard recently..which may need a little more power. Is the CSS FR125S in a small enclosure. Man these speakers are smooth and musical. Tom Z uses them in a wide baffle horn loaded cabinet PAWO.