What Speakers to use with my cj prmier 11a

I am running a premier 11a with a linn genki cd player and a not yet recieved premier 14 pre. currently running a pv10al and proac 1sc speakers. I am happy with the over all balance of the linn/pv10al/prem11a/1sc system and at this time have no analog head. but my room size is increasing and I am considering a pair of proac 2.5s has anyone heard 2.5s with an 11a or have any other suggestions I listen to a lot of types of music but my soul lives for the rythem section. this may sound odd considering my choice of amplifacation but I find the combo works with the overall balance, and I do listen to and live for that overall balance. I love the warmth detail and subtle nuances of this system. Would earlier proac 3s 3.5s 1.5 d15s d2.5 or what have you be a better choice. I do like the sound of the 1sc even if they may not be the last word in acuracy. Any feed back would be greatly apriciated.
I had a Premier 14/12 combination (since replaced the 12s with SET mnoblocks) with Proac Response 3s. I think you'd like the Proacs a lot.
Try the Audio Physic Virgos. I heard these speakers with the CJ Premier 12 monos and the sound was fantastic.
I used to run an 11A with original Sonus Faber Grand Pianos and the sound was excellent, warm, richly textured, and great detail. As an added bonus my better half loved these speakers, a first, saying they were sleek and elegant looking. So of course I have to go to something much bigger just to piss her off. ;-)
I remember hearing the CJ11a with Proac 2s. Very musical.
A few years later I finally bought the 11a and paired it with Martin Logans Aerius. Bass was a little soft but the pair worked well. Stats and tubes mix.
The last speaker I had with the CJ was the Thiel 1.5. If I ever go back to a CJ amp, I will definately consider another pair of Thiel 1.5 or new 1.6.
Thanks for all the feed back!
I have run Response 2.5s with an 11a and it is a fine combination. The 11a is also terrific with the Thiel CS 1.6, but not with the 2.4.

Before getting new speakers, though, see how well your current system performs in the larger room. Sounds like the current combination is giving you plenty of magic, and you'd hate to throw the baby out with the bathwater. I don't know the 1SC; it's possible that it does some things you like much better than the 2.5 would.